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Exclusive video: 18-year-old reportedly jumped overboard on a dare while on a cruise in the Bahamas.

Louisiana high school grad still lost at sea after Coast Guard calls off search: report. Coast Guard called off the search for Cameron Robbins, 18, who was on a cruise in the Bahamas when he went into the water and didn’t emerge.

The Coast Guard called off its search for a recent Louisiana high school grad who fell overboard while on a cruise in the Bahamas.

Cameron Robbins, 18, graduated from University Laboratory School (U-High) in Baton Rouge on May 21 and went on a celebratory boat ride with several hundred students.

On Wednesday night, he reportedly jumped overboard on a dare. Reports from that night said it was inclement weather.

After a two-day, 325-mile search, the U.S. Coast Guard said on Friday it ended its search-and-rescue efforts that were coordinated with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.


“Our Coast Guard command center and aircrews based in Miami supported RBDF search and rescue efforts since the initial report Wednesday evening, and continued through Friday evening,” Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Spado, Coast Guard liaison officer to the Bahamas, said in a statement on Friday.

“We were informed by the RBDF this evening that they were suspending the active search efforts pending further developments, and were not requesting further Coast Guard assistance after notifying the Robbins family.

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“We offer our sincerest condolences to Cameron Robbins’ family and friends.”

Robbins was a standout baseball player who attended the school for more than a decade and left a lasting impression on his classmates and teachers.

Kevin George, the director of Lab School, told local news outlet WBRZ, that Robbins is a “special kid.”

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He’s “been here throughout his entire educational career. He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” George said.

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The Royal Bahamas Police Force said it’s investigating claims that Robbins leaped into the water on a dare.

The school has held multiple prayer vigils over the last couple of days, and the school said it’s making counselors available to students and teachers.