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[2nd Step] Primary Teacher Exam Question & Solution 2024 – 100% Question Solved

On 20 May 2024, Primary Teacher Exam was held at 653 exam center. After completing the Primary Teacher Exam, people search on google to get questions & answers. Here we will give you a full solution for the Primary Teacher Exam 2024. As an examinee of Primary Teacher, you have to check Primary Teacher Exam question correct answer.

Primary Teacher Exam Question 2024

Bangladesh Directorate of Primary Education published a circular in 2020. After that, many candidates apply for the Primary teacher job. The first time, they mentioned that 32 thousand teachers will get a chance for primary teachers. As we know, Coronavirus stops everything in Bangladesh. That’s why they announce 45 thousand primary teachers.

Primary Teacher Exam 2024

According to the notification, the 2nd phase written examination of The Recruitment of Assistant Teachers in Government Primary Schools ‘2020: is May 20, 2024. The date will be held from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. However, The Phase 3 Examination Is In May. Instead of the date, 03 June 2024. It will take place at the appointed time on the date.

Primary Teacher Exam Question Solution 2024

The Written Examination For The Second Phase Of The Primary Recruitment Written Examination May May. The date will be held from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. The recruitment exam for a total of 30 districts (partial/complete) candidates will be conducted in the second phase of the recruitment examination. In the second phase, the total number of candidates is 4,84,725 and the number of centers is 653.

2nd Phase Primary teacher exam will be held in Rajshahi, Khulna, Faridpur, Chandpur, Brahmanbaria, Sylhet, Rangpur, and Barisal districts. Here we mention the Primary Teacher Exam question & solution. If you want to get all questions solved on paper. Then read the below part. Here we mention the Primary Teacher Exam Question Solution.

2nd phase primary 2nd phase primary teacher

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প্রশ্নের সমাধান

১.খ ২.ক ৩.গ ৪.ক ৫.ঘ ৬.ক ৭.ক ৮.ক ৯.ঘ ১০.খ

১১.খ ১২.ঘ ১৩.ক ১৪.খ ১৫.খ ১৬.খ ১৭.খ ১৮.ক ১৯.গ ২০.ক

২১.গ ২২.ক ২৩.ঘ ২৪.ক ২৫.খ ২৬.খ ২৭.খ ২৮.ক ২৯.ঘ ৩০.খ

৩১.ঘ ৩২.গ ৩৩.গ ৩৪.গ ৩৫.ঘ ৩৬.গ ৩৭.খ ৩৮.খ ৩৯.খ ৪০.খ

৪১.ক ৪২.গ ৪৩.গ ৪৪.ঘ ৪৫.ক ৪৬.গ ৪৭.খ ৪৮.গ ৪৯.গ ৫০.গ

৫১.গ ৫২.ঘ ৫৩.গ ৫৪.ক ৫৫.ঘ ৫৬.খ ৫৭.গ ৫৮.ক ৫৯.খ ৬০.গ

৬১.খ ৬২.ক ৬৩.ঘ ৬৪.খ ৬৫.গ ৬৬.ক ৬৭.ক ৬৮.খ ৬৯.ঘ ৭০.ঘ

৭১.গ ৭২.খ ৭৩.ঘ ৭৪.গ ৭৫.খ ৭৬.গ ৭৭.খ ৭৮.গ ৭৯.ক ৮০.ঘ

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