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Airtel Internet Offer 2024 [ Enjoy Mini, Weekly, Monthly Pack ]

Airtel is one of the best telecommunication companies in Bangladesh. Because they provide an amazing internet offer at a low price. This modern times, every people use the internet to communicate with others.

That’s why we need to use the SIM card. And without the internet, we can’t communicate. Airtel SIM always gives special offers for consumers. So if you are using an Airtel SIM card. Then you should read the post with your full attention. Because today we share the most special Airtel internet offer.

Airtel Internet Offer 2024

Basically, Airtel SIM shares Mini, weekly, and monthly internet pack. And all the people can get their favorite one pack. A few days ago, the Bangladesh government increase the data pack price.

But Airtel SIM thinks about the consumer situation. That’s why they manage internet packs at a low cost. So, today we will mention all kinds of internet offers. You can get your needed one.

Enjoy Internet offer

Airtel Mini Internet Pack

Sometimes you need to communicate with others for a little time. At this moment, we need to buy an Airtel Mini internet pack. And it is a perfect offer for short time. So here we mention some daily internet pack with activation code. You can activate this offer by recharging and dialing the code.

Mini Pack: 2.5 GB

Validity: 3 Days

Price: 54 Taka

Activation Code: *123*054#

Mini Pack: 3 GB

Validity: 4 Days

Price: 59 Taka

Activation Code: *123*059#

Check Data Balance: *3#

Mini Pack: 1.5 GB

Validity: 3 Days

Price: 44 Taka

Activation Code: *123*044#

Mini Pack: 1 GB 4G

Validity: 3 Days

Price: 22 Taka

Activation Code: *123*022#

Airtel Weekly Internet Offer

A Weekly internet offer is very popular near everyone. Because some of the package prices are very low. And the customer can get too much internet. From the below list, you will easily find Airtel SIM all weekly internet offers. After 7 days, you need to buy another internet pack. Otherwise, it will cut your main balance.

Weekly Pack: 3.5 GB

Validity: 7 Days

Price: 104 Taka

Activation Code: *123*104#

Weekly Pack: 7 GB

Validity: 10 Days

Price: 179 Taka

Activation Code: *123*179#

Weekly Pack: 1.5 GB + 50 Minute

Validity: 7 Days

Price: 98 Taka

Activation Code: *123*098#

Weekly Pack: 2 GB

Validity: 7 Days

Price: 89 Taka

Activation Code: *123*089#

Airtel Monthly Internet Offer

Airtel monthly internet offer is very suitable for everyone. Because at the present time, we need to always active online. That’s why we need to monthly internet pack. And a user can buy a monthly pack at the cheapest price. This pack is better than the Mini and weekly pack. So if you are buying a monthly internet pack regularly. Then you should check below internet pack list.

Monthly Pack: 30 GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: 229 Taka

Activation Code: *123*229#

Monthly Pack: 2 GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: 998 Taka

Activation Code: *123*998#

Monthly Pack: 1 GB + 100 Minute

Validity: 30 Days

Price: 148 Taka

Activation Code: *123*148#

Montly Pack: 10 GB + 500 Min + Cashback 50 Tk

Validity: 45 Days

Price: 648 Taka

Activation Code: *123*648#

Airtel Recharge Offer 2024

Airtel recharge offer is very workable. Because you can get an internet pack without any problems. You just go to your nearest recharge shop. And share Airtel recharge offer information. They will activate your internet pack.

Recharge Pack: 10 Minute

Validity: 2 Days

Price: 6 Taka

Activation Code: *121*06#

Recharge Pack: 12 Minute

Validity: 12 Hours

Price: 8 Taka

Activation Code: *121*08#

Please Go To Your Nearest Recharge Point.

Airtel Social Internet Pack

If you are using only Facebook, youtube or IMO, and WhatsApp. Then you should buy a social internet pack. It will be better for you. Here we mention all social packs of Airtel SIM.

Social Pack: 1 GB

Validity: 3 Days

Price: 29 Taka

Social Pack: 1GB

Validity: 15 Days

Price: 12 Taka

Activation Code: *123*012#


If you like the post. Then share it with everyone. And always visit our website to get Airtel’s latest internet offer. We hope you will get a better internet offer from our post. We are always ready to share the updated Airtel internet package information.

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