Apple TV + free trial subscriptions will be extended until July for eligible customers

It is the second extension for Apple TV+ free trial subscribers. Apple TV+ free trial subscriptions reportedly extended for the second time. And it will available for the existing free trial users. Who have their Apple TV+ free trial within 2023 June. They get another chance to use a free train for 2023 July. Recently, Apple TV+ confirm the news.

Apple TV+ offers a one-year free trial. And that customer will get a chance to buy iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Most customer free trial expired on November 1, 2021. Then Apple extended the deadline date to February 2021 last year. After that, they increase the free trial time for July 2023.

Many people think of the increase in free trial dates for the Pandemic virus. Who those customers get the chance for the free trial when the offer was launched. They can get a free trial offer once again. Now, they can enjoy 9-month free trial access on Apple TV+. They get more than 6 months to enjoy it. Apple authority shares a report about the new free trial offer.

They mention the full information about the second extension of the free trial. In November last year, it was the last time for a free trial. But, they share a piece of news with their eligible customer. They will share the news with their customer Via mail within a couple of weeks. And who already pay for the running month. They will get the refund very soon.

Apple TV+ add some amazing series for their customer. They include Cherry starring Tom Holland, season two of popular series. On the other hand, All Mankind, The Morning Show, and even See.

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