Watch Video: Kayak Ferring missing Arizona couple found, One Dead

Arizona couple goes missing while kayaking in Mexico on Thanksgiving. Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim disappeared while kayaking in Rocky Point, Mexico.

A search is ongoing for an Arizona couple who disappeared while kayaking in Mexico on Thanksgiving, authorities said.

Corey Allen and his wife Yeon-Su Kim of Flagstaff were kayaking with their teen daughter around 1 p.m. Thursday in Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, Mexico, when winds began to pick up, family and friends have said. Allen helped their daughter back to shore and it is believed he went back for Kim before the couple went missing.

Authorities in Mexico tweeted that a search for two Americans is ongoing, along with a photo of the couple.


“Sonora Civil Protection maintains coordination with the Secretary of the Navy and municipal authorities in the search for two people of American origin who disappeared in Puerto Peñasco after a kayak trip,” the post read.

Arizona Couple Found FULL VIDEO

“The search will be reinforced with reconnaissance flights from the Navy and by land from the Secretary of Public Security and municipal authorities of Puerto Peñasco,” the agency wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Flagstaff police told FOX10 Phoenix that it is aware of reports of the missing couple but did not have any direct information on the search.

Watch Video: Kayak Ferring missing Arizona couple found, One Dead

Shelly Thomas, a close friend of the couple, told the station that Allen and Kim are “amazing friends and wonderful parents” who are an important part of the Flagstaff community.

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“We are praying that they are found alive and able to be brought back to their kids who love them and depend on them,” Thomas said.

Allen is a real estate agent and Kim is a forestry professor at Northern Arizona University, according to AZ Family. The couple reportedly has two teenage children.

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