Astroworld Bharti Shahani Texas Full Biography

Astroworld death toll rises to nine as 22-year-old Bharti Shahani dies after five days in ICU.

Bharti Shahani had been fighting for her life in ICU since Friday night after she was crushed in the deadly surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld.

The death toll from the Astroworld Festival tragedy has now risen to nine after 22-year-old student Bharti Shahani has died after five days in ICU.

Ms Shahani’s family confirmed in a heartbreaking press conference on Thursday that she succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday night as they demanded “justice” for her and the other victims.

The family revealed that the Travis Scott show was the 22-year-old’s first ever trip to a festival and that her last words were asking her sister “are you okay” as they got pulled apart in the crowd surge.

Bharti Shahani News

Karishma Shahani, Ms Shahani’s mother, sobbed uncontrollably as she paid tribute to her daughter, crying out “give me my baby back” and saying she “won’t be able to live without her”.

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Astroworld Bharti Shahani Texas Full Biography

“What happened to my blessing now,” she said. “I want my baby back. I won’t be able to live without her. It’s impossible.”

Karishma Shahani said her daughter “didn’t ask for anything” and was “always giving”.

“The first thing she ever asked for in her life was ‘mama can I go to this concert’?” she said.

She broke down in tears as she questioned: “Why didn’t I say no to her? Why? Because it was the first thing she asked me for herself.”

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She added: “This wasn’t a concert because my baby didn’t come back.”

James Lassiter, the attorney for the Shahani family, confirmed that the 22-year-old victim was the woman seen being dropped from a stretcher in footage which has circulated online this week.

In the graphic footage, medics are seen trying to carry the unconscious woman out on a stretcher in the chaos before accidentally dropping the top of the gurney, causing her to land on her head.

The video has gone viral on social media as one of many glimpses into the chaos of the night.

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