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Banglalink Internet Package 2024 [ Latest Internet Offer ]

Banglalink Internet Package 2024. Today we share the Banglalink Internet package information. Banglalink SIM is very popular in Bangladesh. Because they always offer a special internet offer for everyone.

This SIM is a very beneficial and most wonderful brand in Bangladesh. And they take a good place on every customer’s heart by providing a great internet package.

If you are a Banglalink sim user. Then this post is very important for you. Because we will share the Bengali latest internet package offer information. So it will help you to get a Banglalink internet package at a low price.

Now we will talk about all kinds of internet package. We will present the mini internet package, weekly package, and monthly internet package. So you can get your needed internet offer. Most users like to buy monthly internet packs. So you should read the post carefully.

Today I will give you some excellent Banglalink internet offer 2024. Here you find low cost amazing bl internet packages and MB offer. I will share Banglalink super internet offers with you. If you have read this full article completely, you can safely get bl internet package from here.

Banglalink Internet Package 2024

In this modern time, everyone uses the internet to communicate with others. And that’s why people need to buy an internet package all the time. A few days ago, the Telecommunication Company of Bangladesh increases the internet package price.

But, Bangalink SIM tries their best to give the package at the lowest price. So let’s get started to share all kinds of offers. To check My Offer Click Here.

Data PackageData Price
Activation Code
200 MBTk. 18*121*18#3 days
75 MBTk. 13*121*13#4 days
512 MBTk. 23*121*23#4 days
1 GBTk. 36*121*36#4 days
1.5 GBTk. 41*5000*41#4 days
3 GBTk. 58*121*58#4 days
4.5 GBTk. 64*121*64#4 days

Bangalalink Internet Offer 2024

If you are looking to buy a monthly internet pack. You can buy 2 GB of internet for 119 Taka. And the validity of this offer 30 days. Banglalink is one of the most powerful telecommunication companies in Bangladesh.

Established in 1995, this company offers a strong network of customers as well as internet and minute offers at low prices. People searching on internet how to get banglalink internet offer 2021 with low prices. Today I will try to give you some idea about bl offer.

Bl Offer

Data Offer: 2GB
Price: 119 Taka
Activation code: *5000*503#
Balance Check: *5000*500#

  • Offer: 299 Taka For 6 GB
  • Offer: 999 Tk. For 45 GB
  • Offer: 699 Tk. For 30 GB
  • Offer: 249 Tk. For 3 GB
  • Offer: 209 Tk. For 2GB
  • Offer: 499 Tk. For 18 GB
  • Offer: 399 Tk. For 12 GB
  • Offer: 76 Tk  For 1 GB

Link – Banglalink Bondho SIM Internet Offer

Link – Banglalink New SIM Offer

Banglalink Mini Internet Package 2024

Many people search on the internet to know buy mini internet package. This offer for you. Get your favorite mini internet offer. Banglalink Internet Offer 2021 has already been updated in July.

We release all data offers as per the new update. If you are find a great Internet Offer then you can select your favorite offer from this list. Here I have provided all the internet offers for you. So all the offers here are currently active, you can choose any data package.

Offer: 200MB 

Price: 18 Taka

Validity: 3 Days

Activation Code: *5000*18#

Data : 75 MB 

Price: 13 Taka

Validity: 4 Days

Activation Code: *5000*543#

Data : 1.2 GB

Price: 41 Taka

Validity: 4 Days

Active Code: *5000*41#

Pack: 4.5 GB

Price: 64 Taka

Validity: 4 Days

Activation Code: *5000*64#

Pack: 2.5 GB

Price: 58 Taka

Validity: 4 Days

Activation Code: *5000*58#

Banglalink Weekly Internet Package

Many people want to buy a weekly pack. Because they need to contact for a few weeks. And some of the pack is very useful for weekly. So, here we mention some special weekly internet pack. You can get your favorite one.

Following this list to buy a internet pack from all the packages of Banglalink internet Offer. From this list, customers will find out and know about all the Internet packages.

Currently, I spend a lot of time making a list of the most wonderful internet packages. Which will benefit you. Hope you enjoy all these wonderful internet offers from here. I just made a list of Banglalink internet offer 2024:

Data Pack: 1 GB                 Price: 16 Taka            Validity: 7 Days                  Activation Code: *5000*216#

Package: 150 MB           Price: 26 Taka               Validity: 7 Days                   Activation Code: *5000*522#

Offer Pack: 500 MB          Price: 42 Taka           Validity: 7 Days                       Activation Code: *5000*588#

Pack: 4 GB                  Price: 108 Taka                  Validity: 7 Days                        Activation Code: *5000*108#

Pack: 9 GB                    Price: 129 Taka                Validity: 7 Days                      Activation Code: *5000*129#

Banglalink Monthly Internet Package

If you want to buy a monthly internet package. Then you can select your pack from the below list. We mention the cheapest price monthly internet pack.

Data Pack: 2 GB        Price: 209 Taka             Validity: 30 Days           Activation Code: *5000*581#

Offer Pack: 3 GB         Price: 249 Taka           Validity: 30 Days        Activation Code: *5000*249#

Package: 12 GB        Price: 399 Taka            Validity: 30 Days           Activation Code: *5000*599#

Data Pack: 6 GB         Price: 299 Taka          Validity: 30 Days           Activation Code: *5000*299#

Pack: 40 GB        Price: 499 Taka                  Validity: 30 Days              Activation Code: *5000*508#

Pack: 45 GB         Price: 999 Taka                 Validity: 30 Days             Activation Code: *5000*999#


We hope that you get your favorite internet package. If you like the post. Then don’t forget to share it with everyone. And if you have any questions. You can feel free to ask us. We will reply to you very soon.

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