Big Show Net Worth 2023 – Income, Earnings & Salary

Today we will talk about WWE Wrestler Big Show Net Worth. There are many professional wrestling personalities that are extremely popular amongst wrestling fans. One of these wrestlers is Big Show, who is a WWE champion.

Many people enjoy watching Big Show because they feel that he brings a lot of professionalism to the ring and that he is well above the other wrestlers in the ring. The question many have is how much does Big Show earn and how much does he make per pay period?

Firstly, when you are considering how much you should earn on a per-day basis it is important to consider your age and your experience in the profession. It may be better for younger wrestlers to earn less money compared to more experienced ones.

If a young wrestler is earning $200 an hour then it is quite likely that he will not be able to get much more than that for the same role. However, if he is older and has experience then it will not be difficult for him to command a higher salary.

Another thing to consider when thinking about earnings is the competition level. A wrestler like Big Show will command a much higher salary than another wrestler of the same age.

Younger wrestlers would struggle to even earn a thousand dollars every week! Therefore, keep a level head and try to join a wrestling company that has many other older wrestlers that can easily be promoted.


Big Show Net Worth 2023

When you are starting out as a professional wrestler, it is best to stick with smaller companies first. These companies will not give you as much exposure but you will have more time to learn and develop before joining the big boys.

Once you start to build a name for yourself, you will be able to move to bigger and more popular companies. They will also offer a better overall package. Of course, you will not get the pay that you would if you were working for one of the big names but you will earn more in the long run.

Big Show Full Biography

Full Name Paul Donald Wight II
Age 49 Years
Residence Tampa, Florida
Salary $850,000
Net Worth $16 Million
Source of Income Professional Wrestling, Movies and TV Actor
Endorsements WWE Merchandise
Charity Special Olympics, Connor’s Cure
Marital Status Married to Bess Katramados (2002 – Present)

While it may seem like much money at the beginning you should know that after the first few appearances on T.V. or locally that the money starts to add up. Think about it this way, if you had 3 million viewers watching your program how much would you think that would earn you per hour? You could probably break into the millionaire’s club if you worked for a company like Wight or ZPT. They are very stable companies and you will earn a lot of money in the long run.


When you are looking to be a WWE wrestler, you must realize that this is not an easy job. It is not like the good old days where you get paid per head or per pose. You have to learn how to wrestle in order to compete and have a chance at stardom. Think of it this way wrestling is more than just hitting someone with a baseball bat, it is how you can keep that person from getting out. If you learn the techniques to wrestle you will have a better chance at stardom than those people who do not learn how to wrestle.

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