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Stunned Footage: I caught ‘witches holding a carcass-eating ritual’ on my security camera

Scantily clad ‘witches’ caught munching on deer carcass in bizarre security cam footage. Social media users speculated ‘carcass-eating ritual’ was either prank or satanic.

A nurse and nature lover in Canada reportedly captured footage of what she said appeared to be “two witches holding a carcass-eating ritual” with a camera she set up near her home.

“I don’t know what the heck was up with that,” Corinea Stanhope, 36, of Powell River, British Columbia, told Kennedy News. “It really freaked us out, it’s not something you see every day.”

After coming across a deer carcass in a garden on her property, Stanhope said she set up the camera to surveil any animals that might take interest in the dead deer.

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“Me and my grandpa put up a trail camera to see if we could see animals, and we got a bobcat [on camera], which was pretty cool,” she said, adding that her 76-year-old grandfather, Bob, was horrified when he checked the footage and saw what appeared to be scantily clad woman chomping down on the carcass at night.

“I came the next day, and grandpa said he’d got naked people on the camera, and I said, ‘No, you didn’t. Bulls—.’ So, he showed me,” she said.

Stanhope noted to the outlet that the apparent carcass-eaters emerged about 10 minutes after sunset, looking “disheveled” and like they were wearing wigs.

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“You can’t really tell from the photos, but the hoof was brought right up to her mouth,” she said. “I don’t know if she was kissing it, smelling or eating it, but to touch a decaying carcass like that makes me feel sick – the amount of bacteria that must have been on there.”

“Maybe they were paying their respects, but they were naked,” she added.

Stanhope noted that she was “creeped out” because the incident took place just a two-minute walk from her house and that she feared for the safety of her horses.

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“I was concerned about them messing with my horses at night,” she said. “The horses always get really spooked and unnerved around that area. I thought they imagined stuff at first, so I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe I believe them now.”

The nurse hopes the incident was simply a prank or that the participants were “on some good drugs.” She decided against contacting the police after her grandfather noted that nothing technically illegal had happened.

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Social media erupted after Stanhope posted the photos online, with some claiming it was a prank and others speculating there was a satanic or other paranormal element at work.

“That’s basically a walking demon from hell,” one user wrote. “If you hear screaming stay inside and get a gun you leave it alone.”