100 Taka Bonus Offer

Bkash App 100 Taka Bonus Offer

Bkash App 100 Taka Bonus Offer. Today we share the 100 Taka bonus offer by using the Bkash app. Recently, Bkash made an offer for every user. After knowing the tips, you can get the 100 Taka bonus without cost. To get the Bonus offer, you need to complete some tasks. So, it is a great opportunity to get the offer. By sharing the Bkash app link with your friends, family, and all relatives.

I’m showing you today Bkash Offer 2021 and Bkash new account offer. Are you an Android Smartphone user giving us their latest update to great news for you Bkash?. At home How to Create Bkash Account I’ll try to provide exact details about the new Bkash account test in this post today. Hopefully, you will find answers to all of the questions in your mind after reading this article. Then open your new bkash account.

Bkash App 100 Taka Bonus Offer

Need to ask what the bkash offer 2021? Today this post is about telling you about the Bkash app Offer 2021. Bikash’s latest offer finds out what you’re getting and how you can enjoy the proposals this year.

How to Download Bkash App

If you want to download the Bkash app. Then go to the Google Play Store. And search by writing the Bkash app. Then press the install button. After a few whiles later, the app will install your device.

How to Create A Bkash Account

After downloading the app, you need to open an account. And Bkash’s authority made it easy to create a Bkash account. So, here we mention a few instructions to complete the account open system. At first, open the Bkash app. And click on the registration option. Then take a photo on both sides of your NID card. Now, the Bkash app will collect your all information automatically. And mention your mobile number, which number you want to create a Bkash account.

At first, open the Bkash app. And click on the registration option. Then take a photo on both sides of your NID card. After complete the process, they will tell you to scan your face. And you need to scan yours by the front camera. And when the app will say you to blink your eyes. You need to do it at that time. Then your account will activate very soon. And if you don’t understand the online process. Then go to any Bkash service point center. They will complete your Bkash account process. But, make sure that you must take your NID card. And Mobile phone with the number, which you want to give to open the account.

How to Get 100 Taka Bonus

Bkash 100 Taka Bonus

To get the 100 Taka bonus, you need to go to your Bkash app account and go to the refer a friend option. If you share a Bkash app link with your friends, then when they log into the app for the first time, you will get 20 Taka bonuses for free. And if your friend completes any transaction for the first time, then you can able to get a more 80 Taka bonus. And this way you can earn much more money by sharing the referral link with everyone.

New User 100 Taka Bonus

And as a new user, you can get a 100 Taka bonus. When you open your account for the first time, you will get 25 Taka free, and if your recharge 25 Taka from your Bkash account, then they will give you a 50 Taka bonus. And another 25 Taka you will get from the Bkash app without any cost. And if you want to get a 500 Taka bonus from the Bkash app, then click over the link https://techsearchnet.com/bkash-500-taka-earn/.


If you like the post, then don’t forget to share it with your all relatives. Cause, give them a chance to get a bonus Taka offer. And keep visiting our website, cause we provide the latest Bonus offer. And if you have any questions about this offer, then comment below. We will reply very soon.

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