Bkash Customer Care Number

Bkash Customer Care Number, Address, E-mail Address, Live Chat

Bkash Customer Care NumberBkash is a digital platform, which makes our life easier. Most people have a Bkash account. And Bkash’s authority made the process a very easy way. Currently, anyone can create their own Bkash account Online.

As an available digital system, people face various types of problems every day. That’s why everyone needs to contact Bkash management. Here, we mention the information about Bkash customer services. By collecting this information, you can easily contact them.

How to Contact Bkash Customer Care?

To communicate with Bkash customer care have various ways. We share every way to communicate with the Bkash authority. We hope it will help everyone so much.

You can share any kind of problem with the Bkash customer center. They will solve your problem very soon. To know about Bkash’s recent 500 Taka Bonus offer Click Here.

Customer Touch Points

If you have any complaints. Then call Bkash helpline number 16247 ( 24 Hours Active). After a call to the call center, share your problem. Then they will take a few minutes to solve your problem.

Bkash Customer Support

02. If you want to contact them online. Then you should use the Livechat process.

Bkash Helpline Chat

At first, go to this link live chat, then wait to connect with the Bkash representative. After connecting with a Bkash representative, share your problem by sending a message. They will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Bkash Customer Care E-mail Address

 Many people want to contact them by sending an E-mail. You need to send your E-mail to this address. They will check your E-mail and reply to you by mentioning your problem solution. The mail address is Bkash Limited, Raowa Complex ( Level-6 ), VIP Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka -1206.. To know how to get

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Bkash Customer Care Number

 And you can share your problem on their official Facebook page. This is the official Facebook page of Bkash. If you need to find out your area Bkash service point. Then go to the link and submit your District name and Thana/Area name. Now write the service point location and click over the Find button. Then you will find your area Bkash service point.

Bkash Customer Care Head Office Address

Maybe you want to know Bkash head office information. That’s why we manage the information. And mention it in our post. To check the Head office address.

Bkash Customer Care Number & Address List

Many people search on the internet to know about Bkash customer care. That’s why we get the customer care information. And we mention it here by list. You can easily get Bkash customer care information from the below list. Here we mention all divisions of Bangladesh Bkash customer care numbers and address information.

Bkash Customer Care Dhaka Division

BKash Center Dhaka – Paragon House (2nd floor), 5 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212 (Opposite of Forestry Office, Ban Bhaban)

BKash Center Dhaka- Rupayan Trade Center, (Ground Floor), 114, Bangla Motor Moor, Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Dhaka. (Bangla Motor Circle)

bKash Center Dhaka (Jatrabari) – Rahman Plaza (1st Floor), 40/1/A, Shahid Faruk Sarak, Jatrabari, Dhaka. (Premier Diagnostic Center Building)

bKash Center Gazipur – Holding No: 494 (1st Floor), Matribhumi Enterprise, Rowshan Sarak, Joydebpur, Gazipur (Besides LGED Bhaban)

Bkash Customer Care Tangail

bKash Center Tangail – Holding No: 0117-00, Based Khan Tower, Victoria Road, Tangail (100 meters towards west from Puraton Bus Stand)

Bkash Customer Care Mymensingh Division

bKash Center Mymensingh – 21, Jubli Ghat Sadar, Mymensingh (Opposite of Bipin Park)

Bkash Customer Care Chittagong Division

bKash Center Chittagong – Makkah Modina Tower, 78, Agrabad, (1st Floor), C/A, Chittagong (Beside Hotel Agrabad)

bKash Center Chittagong Muradpur- Islam Tower, Ground Floor, 59 CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Chittagong (100 meters towards east from Muradpur Mor)

Bkash Customer Care Sylhet Division

bKash Center Sylhet – JR Tower, 23 ABAS, (1st floor), Jail Road, Sylhet, 3100 (Opposite of Jail Mosque)

Bkash Customer Care Khulna Division

bKash Center Khulna – Ishraq Plaza, Plot: 43-44, (1st floor), Majid Sarani, Shib Bari Mor, Khulna (Opposite of Zia Hall)

Bkash Customer Care Barisal Division

bKash Center Barisal – Rahmat Manjil Complex (1st Floor), Gorachand Das Road, Bottola, Barisal, Opposite of Bottola Mosque

Bkash Customer Care Rangpur Division

bKash Center Rangpur – AZ Tower, 34 & 35, (1st floor), Station Road, Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur (Opposite Of Sonali Bank)

Bkash Customer Care Rajshahi Division

bKash Center Bogra – 324, Jhowtola, Borogola, Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Bogra Sadar, Bogra (North Side of Second Rail Gate)

bKash Center Rajshahi – 61, Chand Sons Shopping Complex, 1st Floor, Boalia, Rajshahi (Besides Rajshahi New Market)

bKash Center Jessore – Hasan Mansion, (1st Floor), M M Ali Road, Maik Potti, Jessore. (Opposite of Lab Scan)

bKash Center Comilla – Roy Complex (Ground Floor), 115/2, Nazrul Avenue, Kandirpar, Comilla (Opposite of Trauma Center)

bKash Center Faridpur – 46/Kha, 1st Floor, Thana Road, Jhil Toli, Faridpur (Opposite of Masranga Shopping Complex)

Bkash Customer Care Number Dhaka

এসকেএস টাওয়ার (গ্রাউন্ড ফ্লোর ) ৭,
ভিআইপি রোড,
মহাখালী, ঢাকা -১২০৬।

ঢাকা বাংলা মোটর বিকাশ সেন্টার

রুপায়ন ট্রেড সেন্টার,
নীচ তলা,
১১৪ বাংলা মোটর মোড়,
কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম এভিনিউ, ঢাকা।

ঢাকা যাত্রাবাড়ি বিকাশ সেন্টার বিকাশ সার্ভিস পয়েন্ট

রহমান প্লাজা, (১ম তলা),
শহীদ ফারুক সড়ক,
যাত্রাবাড়ি, ঢাকা

গাজীপুর বিকাশ সেন্টার বিকাশ সার্ভিস সেন্টার

বাতেন ভবান,
হোল্ডিং নং ৪৯৪,
দ্বিতীয় তলা, মাতৃভুমি এন্টারপ্রাইজ,
বশির সড়ক, জয়দেবপুর, গাজীপুর

টাঙ্গাইল বিকাশ সেন্টার 

হোল্ডিং নং ০১১৭-০০,
বাছেদ খান টাওয়ার, ভিক্টোরিয়া রোড

ময়মনসিংহ বিকাশ সেন্টার –

২১ জুবিলী ঘাট, ২য় তলা,

Bkash Customer Care Chittagong

চট্টগ্রাম আগ্রাবাদ বিকাশ সেন্টার
মক্কা মদিনা টাওয়ার,
৭৮, আগ্রাবাদ, (২য় তলা), বা/এ, চট্টগ্রাম

চট্টগ্রাম মুরাদপুর বিকাশ সেন্টার 

ইসলাম টাওয়ার,
৫৯ সিডিএ এভিনিউ,
মুরাদপুর, চট্টগ্রাম

সিলেট বিকাশ সেন্টার/বিকাশ হেল্প

জে আর টাওয়ার,
২৩ আবাস,
২য় তলা, জেল রোড,
সিলেট, ৩১০০

খুলনা বিকাশ সেন্টার 

ইসরাক প্লাজা, প্লটঃ ৪৩-৪৪,
২য় তলা,
মজিদ সরণী,
শিব বাড়ী মোড়,খুলনা

বরিশাল বিকাশ সেন্টার 

রহমত মঞ্জিল কমপ্লেক্স,
২য় তলা,
গোরাচাঁদ দাস রোড,
বটতলা, বরিশাল

রংপুর বিকাশ সেন্টার 

এ জেড টাওয়ার,
৩৪-৩৫, ২য় তলা,
ষ্টেশন রোড,
রংপুর সদর, রংপুর

বগুড়া বিকাশ সেন্টার/বিকাশ হেল্প

৩২৪, ঝাউতলা,
কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম রোড,
বগুড়া সদর, বগুড়া

রাজশাহী বিকাশ সেন্টার

৬১, চাঁদ সন্স শপিং কমপ্লেক্স,
২য় তলা, বোয়ালিয়া, রাজশাহী,

যশোর বিকাশ সেন্টার

হাসান ম্যানশন,
(১ম তলা), এম এম আলি রোড,
মাইক পট্টি, যশোর

কুমিল্লা বিকাশ সেন্টার 

রায় কমপ্লেক্স,
(নীচ তলা), ১১৫/২,
নজরুল এভিনিউ,
কান্দিরপাড়, কুমিল্লা

ফরিদপুর বিকাশ সেন্টার

হোল্ডিং নং: ৪৬/খ,
ফার্স্ট ফ্লোর,
থানা রোড, ঝিলটুলি, ফরিদপুর

What is the code of bKash?

You just need to dial *247#.

How can I activate my bKash account?

If your Bkash account is invalid. Or if you want to reactivate your Bkash account. Then we can help you to complete the process. Please follow our below instruction.

  • Tap on login/Registration.
  • For registration, enter your mobile number and go to the next step.
  • Select the mobile operator.
  • Enter the verification code received via SMS on your number.
  • Check the terms and conditions and accept.
  • Take picture of your National ID card to start registration.

We hope that it will help you to activate your Bkash account.

How do you play the BKash quiz?

If you want to play the Bkash quiz. Then we will give you a link. Where you should touch over the link. And it will help you to participate in the Bkash quiz.

Can I open a BKash account with the passport?

Yes, you can open a Bkash account with a passport. So, if you want to open a Bkash account. Then go to your nearest Bkash service point. They will help you to make a Bkash account.

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We hope this address will help you a lot. If you think the post is expensive. Then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And visit our website, cause we provide all customer care information. For any kind of information, comment on the below section.

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