CCTV Footage shows 14 year old who was sent to pick sugar for pie being kidnapped by two men

Bronx mom blasts NYC crime after teen daughter is shot on Thanksgiving: ‘It’s out of control’. ‘It’s out of control,’ distraught NYC mom says after teen daughter shot in broad daylight.

An emotional mother railed against gun violence in New York City after her 14-year-old daughter was struck by a stray bullet on Thanksgiving Day while on her way to pick up brown sugar in the Bronx for the family meal.

“It’s out of control,” the victim’s mom told the New York Post in an interview on Friday. “It’s every day. Every day you hear something happening.”

Police said that on Thursday, in broad-daylight, a 14-year-old girl was shot at around 2:20 p.m. near East 225th Street and Schieffelin Avenue, across the street from the NYCHA’s Edenwald Houses.

Cops believe the girl was an innocent bystander and that the shooter, who remains at-large, had been targeting someone else.

The victim’s mother, who did not wish to be identified, told the Post that her daughter and her 16-year-old son had been sent to the store to grab ingredients for a sweet potato holiday pie. Shortly after they left home, the woman’s son called in a panic and said his sister had been shot in the leg.


“They literally just left the house – less than five minutes,” the woman said.

The boy managed to help his injured sister into a nearby building before police and EMS were called to treat her. By the time their mom arrived, the victim was already being treated.

“She was crying. I tried to get to her but they were already working on her leg,” the mother told the Post. “I was able to touch her hand, rub her head, her hair, her face to comfort her.”

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