Watch Video: California bakery owner dead after armed robbery

California bakery owner dead after armed robbery. Jen Angel was sitting in her car when she was robbed and then dragged while trying to retrieve her belongings.

A beloved Northern California bakery owner has died after being the victim of a robbery earlier this week in which she was severely injured, her family said.

Jen Angel, the owner of Angel Cakes died after losing all brain function, her loved ones said Thursday evening.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Oakland baker, small business owner, social justice activist, and community member Jen Angel has been medically declared to have lost all brain function and will not regain consciousness,” the statement said.

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California bakery owner dead

Angel was robbed Monday near a Wells Fargo Bank, FOX San Francisco reported. She was sitting in her car when someone broke in and stole her purse. She chased after the thief to retrieve the bag but the suspects drove off, the report said.

Angel was reportedly dragged 50 feet by the vehicle and taken to a hospital with head injuries.

In the statement, friends and family said Angel was against “state violence, carceral punishment, or incarceration.”

Her organs will be donated and the bakery will remain open with support from Angel’s estate, the statement said. A medical team informed Angel’s family that the donated organs will save the lives of up to 70 people.

“If the Oakland Police Department does make an arrest in this case, the family is committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice, the statement said.

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