30 Paisa Call rate any operator

30 Paisa Call Rate Talk-time Offer For Any Operator

Hello everyone, today we will share a great offer for everyone. Every day we need to call and send SMS online or offline. Recently every sim operator increases their call rate. But we will give you great tips. Which will help you to call for free and free SMS. And you can able to call 30 Paisa per minute offline. An amazing app will manage the offer. If you want to get this offer. Then you just need to download Brilliant Connect App, Dial App, and more. The app will help you to manage audio calls and video calls without any cost. And this offer is available on Android and iPhone. So if you want to get any local operator 30 Paisa per minute call rate offer. Then read the post carefully.

30 Paisa Call Rate

Brilliant Connect App Download

The brilliant connect app is very amazing. This app around download 10 million times from the Google play store. Don’t worry about the app size. Because the app size is only 27MB. This app can be used for Android version 4.1 & upper version. Before using this offer. You need to download it on your Android or iPhone. If you download it on your device. Then install it very fast. If your download is completed. Now open the Brilliant Connect App.

Brilliant Connect App Registration

If you want to use the brilliant connect app. Then you need to submit your account registration form. At first, give your account information. To verify your account submit your national ID card. If the verify is successfully completed. Then your work is almost done. Now you can I want to talk without any data charge. But if you don’t get your NID from the government. You can easily download it from the internet. To know how to download NID cards from the internet click below the link.

Brilliant Connect App Various Features

This app is very popular in the Google play store. Because this app has amazing features. That’s why people like to use the app. In the below part, we discuss Brilliant Connect App Features. So if you are interested to know about that. Please read the post with your full attention.

Brilliant Connect App to App Free Voice/ Free Video Call

You will find many apps to talk app to app. But the brilliant connect app is very different from other App. You can able to use the app to App free voice/ free video call by using the Brilliant Connect App.

Local Operator Per Minute and One Second Pulse offer

You can easily talk to any local operator with 30 Paisa minutes (with VAT 34.50). And you will get a one-second pulse offer. It is a great offer for every local operator consumer. But make sure that your phone data connection is on. Otherwise, you will only get missed calls from another person. And Brilliant connect app always gives HD quality call service. And it provides better service without any noise.

Download Free Recharge App – Unlimited Free Recharge

Free Call On the IP Number

A brilliant app will help you to call on the IP phone without any data. Normally the IP phone is operated without the internet. Just because you don’t need any data cost. So we think it is the best service of brilliant connect app. You will find another advantage of the brilliant connect app. When you are trying to call any local operator. Your number will not show on another mobile screen. They will just see your IP number. The IP number of the brilliant app is 09662335682.

Advantage of Video Call, Voice Message Share, And Group Chat

You can manage a video call, voice message, and group chats with your friends. And they will give you amazing emoji to chat with everyone. It is a great advantage of the Brilliant Connect App. So, don’t miss the chance.

Advantage of Text Message, Photo Sharing, And Location Sharing

In our daily life, we need to share text messages with another person. And you can manage it by using the brilliant connect app. You can share your photo and your location. And you can receive another person’s message. And if you want to share your current location. Then a brilliant connect app will help you to share it. When you share your location with another person. They will find out your present location. And it will help you as a Facebook messenger. By using a brilliant app, you can able to doing everything. And the app will never access the third party and any government organization information. So don’t worry about that. They will never access any information.

Brilliant Connect App Recharge By Bkash

Many people want to know how to recharge the brilliant connect app by Bkash. When your brilliant connect app balance is going down. You need to recharge as soon as possible. Bkash made it easy for everyone. But wala is remembered that you need to recharge a minimum of 20 Taka. Because if you Recharge below 20 Taka. They will cut your 3 Taka extra balance. Don’t worry you can able to recharge from DBBL, Rocket, IBBL, Visa MasterCard, and American Express.

The disadvantage of Brilliant Connect App

It is not a disadvantage of the brilliant connect app. Because every app some feature didn’t work very well. It is very important to know for everyone. You can call but you don’t send the message. And it is the disadvantage of a brilliant connect app. But brilliant connect app developers work to solve the problem. So it will solve very soon.

The helpline of Brilliant Connect App

if you face any kind of problem from reliance Connect app. Then you can easily contact them. you can send messages on the brilliant connect app’s official Facebook page. And you can manage a call to contact them 01709818259. And also you can send an email by mentioning your problem [email protected]. They will reply to you very soon.

Amber IT

Brilliant connect app comes before Amber IT. That’s why people like to enjoy using the brilliant connect app. At the present time, every people like Amber IT. Because Amber IT app provides better service than brilliant connect app. If you facing any kind of problem with the brilliant connect app. Then you can use Amber IT. We think it is the best solution for everyone. For the first time, if you open your Amber IT account. You can get 20 Taka instant recharge. We hope that you will like Amber IT very much. If you want to download it. Then go to the google play store. And search for the Amber IT app. Here we mention Amber IT helpline number 09611999555.

Link3 Dial App

If you want to get a different app from Amber IT and a brilliant connect app. Then we will suggest you download the Link3 Dial app. Because this performance is very wonderful. As a new app, everyone liked it so much. Link3 Dial app helpline number is 09612341502. If you want to download the app. Then click on the Link3 Dial app text.

Metrotel App ( Best Deshi App For Talk)

If you want to download the best deshi app for talk. Maybe you’re already used Amber IT, Brilliant Connect App, and Link3 Dial app. If you don’t get feel this app is not perfect for you. Then you can use the Metrotel app. This app has amazing features. It will give you great benefits. If you want to download go to the google play store. Metrotel helpline number is 09612342502.