CCTV Footage: Houston armed robbery suspect shot dead by armed customer

Houston armed robbery suspect shot dead by armed customer, police looking to question shooter. Houston police want to speak to the armed customer regarding his ‘role in the shooting’.

Police in Texas are looking to question a man who was seen on surveillance video shooting and killing an armed suspect attempting to rob a Houston taqueria.

Houston police are asking for the public’s help to find a man who was seen on video, inside Ranchito #4 Taqueria in southwest Houston, shooting and killing an armed robber after the suspect entered the store and demanded valuables from customers at gunpoint.

In a Friday press release, Houston police say charges have not been filed against the man who fled but police want to speak to him about “his role in the shooting.”

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The video and witness reports show the suspect, who police say was in his 20s, wearing a black ski mask entering the restaurant and pointing his pistol at patrons and demanding their money.

As the suspect was gathering money from patrons, the armed customer can be seen standing up as the suspect walks by him and firing his gun at the suspect multiple times.

The armed customer, described by Houston police as a white or Hispanic male, fired at least 9 shots at the suspect who dropped to the ground and died. The armed customer fired multiple shots, including one at the suspects head, after the suspect had dropped to the ground.

The armed customer collected the stolen money from the body of the suspect and returned money to patrons before fleeing the scene.

Police released a picture of the armed customer’s truck which is described as a “1970s or ’80s model pickup truck with no bed.”

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