Idaho murders update

CCTV Footage Leaked: Cops Found Knife, Black Macks at Idaho suspect house

Idaho murders update: More Bryan Kohberger documents released in Pennsylvania, knife, phone, masks seized
A Pennsylvania court sealed the warrants for 60 days.

A Pennsylvania court has unsealed additional documents in the Idaho student murders case, revealing that police seized a knife during a raid on the suspect’s parents’ home in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Police and the FBI arrested suspect Bryan Kohberger at his parents’ house in the Pocono Mountains on Dec. 30 during a nighttime tactical raid.

They searched the home, his car, the garage and a shed on the property.

The new warrants reveal police took a door panel from his car, seat cushions, headrests, seatbelt, visor, brake and gas pedals, a band-aid, “maps and documents” and other items.

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Idaho murders update


From the house, police seized several weapons, including a knife and a Glock handgun with three magazines. They took a cellphone, laptop, and black face masks as well as a black hat.

The list also includes a prescription, a “green leafy substance” in a container, vehicle paperwork and other documents, including a phone bill and a handwritten password, and a book “with underlining on page 118.”

Additional items seized in the Dec. 30 raid on Kohberger’s parents’ home include a computer hardware, paperwork from Washington State University, where he was studying for a Ph.D. in criminology a few miles from the victims’ home and a spiral notebook.

Police were looking for anything that could connect Kohberger with the victims, including evidence he had been surveilling them or compiling information.