CCTV Footage :Death of elderly Home Depot worker who tried to stop robbery

Death of elderly Home Depot worker who tried to stop robbery sparks outrage: ‘Where are the reparations?’ There has been more concern given to criminals than victims as of late, critics say.

The death of an elderly Home Depot employee who succumbed to injuries he suffered while trying to stop a robbery – and search for an elusive suspect – have shined another glaring light on the rise of lawlessness nationwide and raised one question: What about reparations for crime victims?

“Where are reparations for victims?” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld asked Tuesday after discussing the death of 83-year-old Home Depot worker Gary Rasor on “The Five.”


Surveillance video released by the Hillsborough Police Department appears to show the suspect shoving Rasor on Oct. 18 and hurrying out of the store while allegedly stealing three Ryobi pressure washers. Rasor was reportedly never able to walk again and died Dec. 1 after a lengthy hospital stay. The suspect was described as a 6-foot Black male who fled in a white Hyundai with North Carolina temporary tags, according to Law & Crime.

Death of elderly Home Depot worker who tried to stop robbery

“We are heartbroken by the loss of our associate Gary. He was part of our team for more than 9 years. He was an amazing friend, husband, father and grandfather, always willing to help anyone,” a spokesperson for Home Depot told Fox News Digital in a statement.


Meanwhile, in North Philadelphia, a gas station owner has hired heavily-armed security to protect his property from thieves, loiterers and criminal activity occurring in the vicinity, as Pennsylvania’s largest city deals with a sky-high crime rate and progressive prosecutorial discretion under Democratic District Attorney Lawrence Krasner.

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On “The Five,” Gutfeld said the trend toward lax criminal justice policies is often touted as a way to make up for past oppression of enslaved people and oppression of other minorities.

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