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Dwayne Haskins Death Video – CCTV Footage Viral: Authority Confirmed

Report: Pittsburgh Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins Dead At 24. Dwayne Haskins, a quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has died.

Dwayne Haskins car accident video is available on the internet. Video of Dwayne Haskins accident is very sorrowful for everyone. Dwayne haskins death footage revealed on the below part.

Dwayne Haskins, a standout at Ohio State before struggling to catch on with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL, died this morning when he got hit by a car in South Florida, per his agent Cedric Saunders. Haskins would have turned 25 years old on May 3.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Haskins passed away this morning after a vehicle accident in Florida, per his agent. He was 24 years old. Dwayne Haskins, the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, died on Saturday morning after being struck by a car in South Florida.

Just days shy of his 25th birthday, Haskins was on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster in 2021 attempting to turn around his NFL career. Selected by the Washington Commanders with the hopes of becoming a franchise quarterback, Haskins struggled early in his NFL tenure.

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The 24-year-old quarterback was still a member of the Steelers’ roster, expected to compete for a spot on the roster in training camp.

Dwayne Haskins Death video

Shortly after the news broke, Washington Commanders co-owners Tanya and Daniel Snyder released a statement mourning the loss of Haskins’ life.

Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins Video

“We are devastated to hear the news of the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins Jr. He was a young man with a tremendous amount of potential who had an infectious personality. To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. Our hearts and prayers are with the members of Dwayne’s family and all of those who knew him and loved him.”

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Tanya and Dan Snyder, Washington Commanders owners

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Washington coach Ron Rivera also released a statement through the team.

“I am absolutely heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of Dwayne Haskins Jr. Dwayne was a talented young man who had a long life ahead of him. This is a very sad time and I am honestly at a loss for words. I know I speak for the rest of our team in saying he will be sorely missed. Our entire team is sending our heartfelt condolences to and thoughts and prayers to the Haskins family at this time.”

Dwayne Haskins Death CCTV Footage

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins dies after being struck by dump truck.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins died Saturday morning after he was struck by a dump truck while he was walking on a South Florida highway. Haskins was 24 years old.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Lt. Indiana Miranda confirmed the accident on westbound Interstate 595. Haskins was pronounced dead at the scene.

Miranda didn’t say why Haskins was on the highway. The accident caused the highway to be shut down for several hours.

“He was just walking on the highway and got hit,” Miranda told The Associated Press.

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivvera

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