Elly Mattiuzzo

Elly Mattiuzzo Car Accident Video and Pictures

‘We are devastated’: Figure skating star, 18, killed in car accident.

The figure skating community is mourning the tragic death of Elly Mattiuzzo after the 18-year-old star was killed in a car accident in San Marino.

According to local reports, Italian star Mattiuzzo and her boyfriend were both killed in a collision on Saturday night.

Mattiuzzo and Daniele Volanti were reportedly travelling from Borgo Maggiore towards Castello di Murata along the Sottomontana road when their Fiat 500 drifted into the opposite lane.

Elly Mattiuzzo Car Accident Video

The car is believed to have hit a guard rail before two oncoming vehicles smashed into them.

Emergency services rushed to the scene but the young couple reportedly died instantly.

Elly Mattiuzzo

A 19-year-old driver of one of the other vehicles was injured, but his life is not in danger.

Mattiuzzo moved from Milan to San Marino at age 16 to live with her father.

Elly Mattiuzzo Car Accident Picture

After completing school – where she met Volanti – she moved back to Milan.

She was well-known for performing with synchronised figure skating group the ‘Hot Shivers’, and competed at the Junior World Championships in Switzerland in 2019.

Figure skating community rocked by Elly Mattiuzzo’s death
“We have good memories of her,” the Hot Shivers said in a statement.

“She was a girl who loved being around her friends and had a great relationship with them, which is what our team is based around.

“We can’t believe it – we are devastated.”

A mother of one of the group’s members added: “We will send a single message, all together, to make her feel our closeness.

“Elly was a wonderful girl, we spent many days together and shared wonderful moments.

“I’m sorry not to have looked for her in recent months.

“I will never forget her.”

Police are conducting an investigation into the tragic accident.

The road is believed to be a notorious blackspot.