Faridpur District Post Code List & Area Code

Postcode list and area code of Faridpur district. Those who want to send something to any post office within this district. It is very important for them to know the postcode of this post office.

If you can easily know the postcode of all post offices in Faridpur district. That’s why we have this post today. Here we have highlighted the postcode and area code of all post offices in the Faridpur district.

So be sure to read the post carefully at the end. This will help you get the post office code you need.


Bangladesh Post Office Code

There is a separate post office code for each post office. If we want to send something to that post office, then we have to write the postcode of that post office in the address.

At present, there are numerous post offices in every district of Bangladesh. So, the postcode has been given to identifying each post office separately.

If you want to do any work with the help of the post office, you must go to the post office between 9 am and 5 pm. And go on a public holiday. Because the post office is closed on that day.

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Faridpur District Post Code List

Many people search the internet by typing only the name of the post office. So those who want to know the postcode of the post office in Faridpur district search. Take a good look at the list below to get the code.

District                       Thana                              SubOffice                       Post Code

Faridpur                   Alfadanga                            Alfadanga                             7870

Faridpur                     Bhanga                                Bhanga                              7830

Faridpur                    Boalmari                               Boalmari                             7860

Faridpur                    Boalmari                               Rupatpat                            7861

Faridpur               Charbhadrasan                     Charbadrashan                       7810

Faridpur               Faridpur Sadar                         Ambikapur                            7802

Faridpur               Faridpur Sadar                  Baitulaman Politecni                   7803

Faridpur               Faridpur Sadar                       Faridpursadar                        7800

Faridpur               Faridpur Sadar                           Kanaipur                             7801

Faridpur                    Madukhali                             Kamarkali                            7851

Faridpur                    Madukhali                             Madukhali                           7850

Faridpur                   Nagarkanda                          Nagarkanda                         7840

Faridpur                   Nagarkanda                                Talma                             7841

Faridpur                      Sadarpur                      Bishwa jaker Manjil                   7822

Faridpur                      Sadarpur                           Hat Krishapur                       7821

Faridpur                      Sadarpur                                Sadarpur                         7820

Faridpur                     Shriangan                               Shriangan                        7804

Area Code of Faridpur District

Postal codes are needed for our various tasks. In the same way, area code is needed for many purposes. So you may want to know the area code of different parts of the Faridpur district for one job. For your convenience, I have highlighted the area codes of different parts of the Faridpur district here. However, in some cases, you will see that the postal code and area code are the same.


I hope you have found the information you need through our post. The post seems to be important, of course, share it with everyone. And if you have any questions, please comment.

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