Video Footage: Florida delivery driver robbed by convicted felons with dozens of charges

Florida delivery driver robbed by convicted felons with dozens of charges caught on terrifying video. Both men are convicted felons with a combined 85 felony charges on their criminal histories.

Two career criminals are back behind bars after robbing a delivery driver at gunpoint earlier this month.

On Wednesday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office released terrifying dashcam video of two men robbing an Amazon driver at gunpoint in broad daylight on Jan. 13.

In the video, one man is seen holding a gun to the worker’s neck before going into the back of the truck to steal packages. The other man is outside the truck for most of the video, but he pops inside the driver’s side door when his partner goes into the back to take the packages.

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Florida delivery driver robbed

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The men were later identified as Arkimase Divinard, 22, and Joel Junior Aime, 23.

The sheriff’s office said the Amazon driver was not hurt during the crime.

Divinard and Aime, who both have long criminal histories, share 85 felony charges and 11 felony convictions between the two of them.

According to Florida jail records, Divinard was most recently sentenced to three years in prison for carjacking without a firearm/deadly weapon. He was released in November 2022. His prior convictions include battery on a person above the age of 65 and robbery without a deadly weapon.

There were no records available in the Florida Department of Corrections database under the name Joel Junior Aime.

“We hope they will stay locked up for a long, long time,” OCSO wrote on social media.

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