Frontier Airlines passenger

Video Shows Frontier Airlines passenger ‘voted’ off flight after altercation

Frontier Airlines passenger ‘voted’ off flight after altercation. Flight was scheduled to depart New Jersey for Georgia.

A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight was “voted” off a plane by fellow travelers after a verbal altercation broke out before the aircraft took off.

A series of viral videos posted on social media detailed the altercation between a couple, another passenger and a flight attendant while the plane was on the ground at Trenton Mercer Airport in New Jersey last week. The flight, bound for Atlanta, allegedly started because the couple was arguing with a flight attendant over a seat.

Another passenger, however, allegedly got involved and started antagonizing the couple. It’s unclear why the other passenger got involved.

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Representatives for Frontier Airlines did not respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.

In the first of three videos, collectively viewed nearly 16 million times on TikTok, a woman is yelling at another passenger, who is sitting a few rows behind her, telling her to mind her own business as they were being asked to leave the plane.

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The footage shows crew members standing by the couple, waiting to escort them off the plane.

“The fact that you are requesting us to get off is ridiculous,” the woman told the flight attendant, according to the video. “He literally has not done anything wrong.”

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As the woman was leaving, she yelled back at the passenger again, saying, “We have been asking you to mind your own business this whole plane ride.”

“She needs to get off the plane if anything,” she added, referring to the woman a few rows behind her.

A few moments later, video shows another passenger calling for a vote.

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Frontier Airlines passenger

“If you can hear me and want her removed from the flight, raise your hand. I’m not even kidding,” he said. ” I got 40 hands up.”

The passenger was then seen grabbing her bag from the overhead bin and being escorted off the plane by a crew member.