glenn foster jr autopsy

Glenn Foster Jr Autopsy Report – Check Result

The dense fog that surrounds death of Glenn Foster Jr may have begun to clear up.

The family’s independent forensic autopsy reports suggest Foster died by strangulation with signs of neck compressions.

According to Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump, there’s still more information to be found by the forensic examiner.

“He is not completely clear upon what caused the neck compressions or the strangulation…but he saw evidence upon autopsy,” Crump said.

A sign the veteran attorney says he’s seen in his past cases.

“Whether it’s Jamal Sutherland in South Carolina, whether it’s George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota, obviously Eric Garner in Staten Island New York.

Glenn Foster Jr Autopsy Report

and now here we have this young man who was having a mental health crisis who needed a helping hand, but dies with some evidence of neck compressions and strangulation,” Crumps said.

After the news broke, we reached out to Pickens County Sheriff Todd hall who runs the Pickens County Jail.

The sheriff says he has yet to hear anything on this case from the official medical examiner’s office.

For Crump and the rest of the legal team, the lack of information being shared with the family is a cause for concern.

“We tend to be very suspicious of them when they take so long,” Crump said. “If the roles were reversed and they were saying Glenn Foster Jr. killed somebody or killed law enforcement, we would know the reports of that autopsy almost immediately.”

Which is why he says the team will be escalating this matter to a higher jurisdiction than the Alabama justice system.

“We have reached out to the United States Department of Justice, the attorney general in the Civil Rights division, because the family is very suspicious of Alabama authorities right now,” Crump said.

This new revelation into their son’s death brings the foster family one step closer to closure.