GST Primary Admission

GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2024

Are you looking for GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2024?. We can help you to get the result before everyone. Total 20 Universities are going to take admission test for academic sessions 2021-22 in this combined admission method. The short form of this Central admission test is GST. GST stands for General Science and Technology.

It means that universities including General and Science and Technology are integrated in this clustering method. The admission test application process and all the related official works are done through this official website.

This website aims to provide you accurate and updated information on GST Admission System. It will give you the most reliable information on GST Admission Circular, Admission process, admit card, seat plan, Selection List & Admission result.

GST Admission Result 2021-22

There are three units in this system. They are A, B & C. A Unit is Science Section. B Unit is under Humanities Group. C Unit is for Business Group. Students have to come into admission on those Units depending on HSC Level education background. Let’s take a look at the required background subjects & groups for every unit.

GST A Unit Result 2024 – PDF Download

GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2024

The admission test in Bangladesh 2021 is being held in bunch form. Many students participated in this test. However, this time the test is not being conducted as usual. In case the admission test is being conducted in another way, the students have to apply in two ways.

  • Primary Application Start: 1 April 2024
  • Primary Application Deadline: 30 April 2024 [Extend]
  • Eligible Candidates Short List: 25 August 2024
  • Admission Test Date: October (October 17, 2024)

GST Eligible List 2024

Students have already made an initial application. And as a result of the initial application, their results have been published. Do you want to see those results? Primary Selection Result 2021 has been published. Take a look at the published results.

GST Admission Result 2024

GST Eligible List 2024 Download

GST Admission Primary Selection Result 2024

GST Admission Selection List Result 2024

GST Selection Result 2021-2024

Many students from Bangladesh participated in the GST admission test. Their initial application has been done very nicely. After the initial application, GST has published the initial selection list of the students. This selection list is based on the GPA of SSC and HSC students.

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