Hitman 3’s Epic Store Exclusivity means Hitman 2 levels won’t be free at all

Recently, the news was published about Hitman 3 game. Owners of the first two-game, where a gamer can achieve their maps for free. But on the Pc, they can able to get from Hitman 1. Recently, the IO interactive share a message for everyone. Where they said that preorder of Hitman 3 game. A player can able to get their progression and unlocks from Hitman 2. And also, as well as location form the past two games.

And you don’t need any extra charge for it. They don’t want to make it a seamless process for thier PC players to enjoy Hitman 3. And they can enjoy the game on PC platfrom. One statement make it special. Because Hitman 3  game exclusive to the Epic Games Store. So, people will like it so much.

There is no problem to take their careers as high-flying assassins organically. They can easily convert it to the next game. We get a another news from IO. Where they talk about Hitman 2 location can be available for PC players. And it will be available for who buy the separate access pack.

When a player play the Hitman 2 series. They need to complete thier game. And when they compolete thier past Hitman 2 series. In the next Hitman 3 serise, then can use thier before player profile, XP rank, location mastery levels, location mastery unlocks, challenge progress, challenge unlocks and Elusive Target suits/unlocks. And this news is share by the Game guide.

There are some limitation for the game. One player can import progress from Hitman 2. And this import will work on the same platfrom such as PC to PC, Xbox to Xbox, and PlayStation to PlayStation.

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