Horror video shows Astroworld festiva

Horror video shows Astroworld festival-goers piled on each other as they scream for help

The footage shows people desperately struggling to stay on their feet while people who appear to be unconscious are in a heap on the ground

A horrifying video has surfaced of festival-goers piled on top of each other screaming for help while Travis Scott continued to perform on stage at the doomed Astroworld Festival on Friday night.

The TikTok video, posted by @dieghtx30 and captioned “My Astroworld Experience”, appears to show the unconscious bodies of victims

in a heap on the ground while others are seen desperately struggling to stay on their feet amid the deadly crush.

Harrowing screams are heard coming from those in the crowd while shouts of “help” and “somebody’s going to die” ring out.

The footage is one of many videos and witness accounts to have emerged in the four days since eight people were killed in the chaos at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on Friday.

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At least five other people are still fighting for their lives in hospital including a nine-year-old boy who was trampled after his father passed out in the crush, causing him to fall from his shoulders into the masses.

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The chilling TikTok video begins showing a mass of people packed in tightly and pressed against each other as panicked shouts fill the air.

“Somebody’s dying! Somebody’s going to die,” one person is heard shouting.

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The footage is difficult to make out in parts due to the camera moving around as the person filming grapples to stay upright.

Heads, shoulders and other body parts are seen penned in together as Mr Scott is heard performing in the background.

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There is a pause in the music as one song ends and the next is about to start.

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At that point, the screams of terror and cries for “help” are heard coming from the people in the crowd.

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