How to make Android faster

How to make Android Phone Run faster

How to make Android phone faster. By using some tips and tricks you can make your android phone faster. At this technology time. Everyone uses a smartphone. And there have various types of smartphone brands. If you face a problem like your phone is slow or it doesn’t work faster.  Then read the post. It will help you to boost up your mobile handset. How to make Android phone faster is very essential for us.

If you want to know how to make an android phone run faster. Then you need to complete some instructions. After complete the instruction, your phone will work faster. So let’s talk about how to make an Android phone run faster. And we hope that these tips will work 100%.

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How to make an Android phone faster

Use 10 tips

Here, we mention around 19 tips and tricks to make your Android phone faster. And we can feel that slow work is a very big problem for everyone. So, take a look at the below tips list.

  1. Uninstall unnecessary apps: Most of the time, many people Easter unnecessary apps into their smartphone. And it creates a problem to work faster. So, uninstall the apps, which are not needed for you. After uninstalling the apps, your phone will work very fast.
  1. Use the lighter versions of apps: we use the app such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Opera, and more. And this app has its lite version. The lite version of the app designed for better performance, it will give you faster work every time.
  2. Always free apps internal storage: Many people always full their internal storage. And it helps make the phone slow. So, you need to buy a big internal storage smartphone. And always not that your internal storage is free. Otherwise, it will damage some function very badly.
  3. Update your phone regularly: the Android operating system always works to a new version. And add some benefits to the new version. So if you are upgrading your device regularly, then it will give you a super-fast work service.

  4. Use the external SD card: If you use an extra SD card, then you can easily shift your data from internal storage to external storage. And it will help you to your Android phone faster.
  5. Before installing the app think about it: it is very important for every user. Girls some apps help to slow the Android phone. And many apps don’t design it by developers and where have not good intentions. So, you need to carefully use a mobile app. Otherwise, you can fall into trouble.
  6. Clear app cache: As like Facebook, Messenger, Google Chrome, etc, all these apps are big cache file. So it will help to slow your phone work. If you clear the cache regularly, then it will help you to make your Android phone fast work.
  7. Turn off auto-sync: Many people turn on the auto-sync option and it makes their phone slower. Because it has many apps running in the background. So always turn off the auto-sync option.
  8. Use data saver mode: After using the data saver mode, it can help you to load the website very fast. Are you can turn it on from the settings. 
  9. Reset your handset: sometimes, the phone didn’t work properly. Some tricks are failed, then you must use the reset option. After resetting the phone, it will work more smoothly. But make sure that you have stored your data on the other device.


We have that this post helps you a lot. And you understand every step properly. If you have any questions about this post, then comment below. We will reply to your questions very soon. And always connected with us to get the best tricks and tips.