HSC Result 2023 Check By SMS [ Get All Board SMS Format ]

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how you can get your HSC result by SMS. Many people get their HSC results by SMS. That’s why it is important to know how to send SMS.

It is very easy for everyone. You just text a message and send it a common number. Then they will send your HSC result. So if you are interested to know how to check HSC result 2020.


How To Check HSC Result By SMS

If you have a smartphone or a mobile phone. Then you can check your HSC result. You can able to get your HSC result by SMS. After publishing the HSC result.

They are uploaded on the website. After some time they send the result to every mobile message sender. To check your HSC result. You need to complete some steps. We will help you to know about that.

HSC Result 2023 Check By SMS

Check your HSC result in a very easy way. Here we mention some important formats to check HSC results by SMS. At first, go to your handset message option. And write the below procedure.

  1. Write HSC and give a space
  2. Now mention your board short 3 letter name such as DHA, BAR CHI, DIN
  3. Then give a space
  4. Now write your 6 digit HSC roll number (Example: 276552)
  5. Then give a space
  6. Write your exam passing year 2023
  7. Before sending a message check your message carefully.
  8. Then click on the send button. And send it to 16222 number.

Final Example: HSC DHA 276552 2023 send to 16222 number. 

A few minutes later, we will get your HSC result.

Check HSC Result With EIIN Number

HSC Result 2023 Board Short Name For Mobile SMS

When we want to get any board HSC result. Then we have to know every board’s short name. That’s why we manage all board short names. And mention it here. You can easily get it from the below list.

  1. Barisal Board = BAR
  2. Chittagong Board = CHI
  3. Comilla Board = COM
  4. Dhaka Board = DHA
  5. Dinajpur Board = DIN
  6. Jessore Board = JES
  7. Mymensingh Board = MYM
  8. Rajshahi Board = RAJ
  9. Sylhet Board = SYL
  10. Madrasah Board = MAD
  11. Technical Board = TEC

HSC Alim Result 2023 Madrasha Board Check Result By SMS

If you want to know how to check the Madrasha board result by SMS. Then we can help you to get your HSC Alim result. You need to complete some instructions to get your Madrasha board result. And we mention the all information here. 

  1. Firstly, write Alim and give a space
  2. Then mention your board first 3 letters (Example: MAD) and give a space
  3. Now give your HSC roll number (Example: 276543) and click on the space button
  4. Mention your passing year 2020
  5. Before touch on the send button. Check your full message carefully. 
  6. If your message is ok. Then send it to 16222 number.

Best Example: Alim MAD 276543 2023

A few minutes later, you will get your HSC Alim result. 

HSC Result Check Online

Check HSC (Vocational) Result 2023 By SMS

If you want to know how to check HSC vocational results. Then you can help you to give the information. We will give you the easiest process to get HSC to result by SMS. 

  • At first, go to your mobile message option
  • Now type HSC and give a space 
  • Then write TEC for Technical board 
  • Mention your HSC roll number carefully ( Example: 271345)
  • Now give your HSC passing year 2020 ( Passing year: 2020)
  • Check the full message before sending it
  • At last, send the message to 16222 number 

Final Example: HSC TEC 271345 2023

They will send your HSC result very soon. 

Final Words

If you think the post is helpful to get HSC to result by SMS. Then don’t forget to share with everyone. And visit our website to get the HSC result before everyone.  

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