Video Footage: Hunter in Georgia dogs attacked him ‘in a complete frenzy’

Hunter in Georgia recovering after three dogs attacked him ‘in a complete frenzy’. The three dogs — including two pit bull mixes — have reportedly been euthanized.

A man in Georgia is recovering after three dogs attacked him in January while he was attempting to take down his hunting equipment. The man, a 61-year-old businessman from Atlanta who wished to be identified only as “Scott B.,” was moving his ladder stand when he noticed three dogs approaching him, he told Field & Stream magazine.

The attack took place north of Jefferson, Georgia, in the northeastern part of the state.

Scott B. said he’d been hunting at that location for seven years. “One of them came in and attacked me. When it did, the other two joined in,” he said about the dogs.

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Hunter in Georgia dogs

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Two of the dogs were pit bull mixes, while the other was a German shepherd mix, he told Field & Stream. The dogs were attacking in “kind of like a wolf mentality” and “were in a complete frenzy,” he said.

“I was doing anything I could to fight them off,” he told the publication.

The dogs attacked him for about 15 minutes, Scott B. said, before he was able to fight them off with a large stick.

Scott B. explained that he was unarmed and had left his cell phone on his all-terrain vehicle, which was 150 yards away from his ladder stand.

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