In Social Media Safety Messages, Pictures Should Match with the Words

At the present time, everyone using the internet to communicate with other people. Everyone should be using social media with healthy behavior. It is very important to use the word. And match the word with the picture. Many parents share the baby picture with sleeping mode. And they set some caption. Every parent should manage the safety of the children. Cause most children use the internet in insecure mode.

All safety experts talk about social media safety. And many health experts talk about social media health for all people. Some boys watch the video on social media. And they try to make it at home. So, it can be dangerous for everyone. That’s why they should need to follow social media safety.

In this matter, what are we trying to say your words should match with the picture. We manage some research with 150 parents. And most of your parents post with mismatched visual and written messages. There is a report with the viewing time with social media posts. Around 2.8 percent increase people in a safety knowledge score.

Most healthy organizations and public health agencies try to share better health information with everyone. We get news from secrets sources, where mention 70 percent of adults reporting to use social media. And many parent use social media very well. But everyone should make sure that imagery and text in social media posts are aligned. It is a great opportunity to share the all information with everyone. Social media is a great way to share all kinds of information.

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