Jean-Marc Vallée Cause of Death

Jean-Marc Vallée Cause of Death – How did he die? What happened to him

New details have emerged about “Dallas Buyers Club” filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée’s unexpected passing.

The 58-year-old director is believed to have died from a heart attack at his cabin outside Quebec City over Christmas, sources told Deadline.

The “Big Little Lies” filmmaker was prepping to host guests over the weekend, sources said, adding that it is likely he died Dec. 25 and was found the following morning.

Vallée was a health enthusiast, who abstained from drinking, worked out constantly and practiced Wim Hof’s extreme breathing methods, which involve holding one’s breath for long periods of time, often in frigid environments.

Jean-Marc Vallée Cause of Death

Director-producer Jean-Marc Vallée in 2019. “Big Little Lies”.

And “Dallas Buyers Club” director Jean-Marc Vallée died from a heart attack, his representative Bumble Ward confirmed to The Times on Monday. The Emmy-winning director died over the holiday weekend while at his cabin outside of Québec City in Canada.

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