Justin Bieber Paralysis: What is Ramsey Hunt Syndrome? How it’s Work For Paralysed

Half the face ‘paralysed’, Justin Bieber suffering from a rare disease.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with ‘Ramsey Hunt Syndrome’. The ‘Justice World Tour’ had to be stopped due to illness. He shared the news himself on social media.

Justin Bieber on Friday shared a video on Instagram in which he told fans that he was suffering from a rare disease called ‘Ramsey Hunt Syndrome’. As a result of this disease, one part of the face or the whole face suffers from paralysis.

In the video, Justin said, “As you can see, not one eyelid is falling. I can’t even smile from one side of my face, and the nostrils on one side aren’t working either. ’

Hours before his performance in Toronto, Justin Bieber said he was postponing the Justice World Tour for the time being due to illness. “To those who are disappointed with the cancellation of my show, I will tell them that I can’t sing on the show at all. The situation is quite serious. You can see it. ’

The pop star said she is doing face exercises and taking rest. He hopes that if he recovers 100 percent, he will be back soon.


What is Ramsey Hunt Syndrome?

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a painful rash around the ear, on the face, or on the mouth. It occurs when the varicella-zoster virus infects a nerve in the head.


The varicella-zoster virus that causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome is the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles.

In people with this syndrome, the virus is believed to infect the facial nerve near the inner ear. This leads to irritation and swelling of the nerve.

The condition mainly affects adults. In rare cases, it is seen in children.

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