LG Display

LG to display 48-inch bendable cinematic OLED display at CES 2024

LG company has revealed its first 48 inches bendable cinematic sound OLED display. This new year this display has a paper-thin screen that beans and unfolds. It will give a great view from every side.

Display curvature radius up to 1000 R. If you like to play the game. Then it will help you to enjoy the game so much.

This bendable OLED display comes with a cinematic sound system. It’s embedded to vibrate and make its own sound. LG publish this demo at CES 2024.

It is a world-first display, where set 48 inches CSO display. You can get a YouTube video about this 48 inches display. It will release at CES 2021. LG company got that the TV will give you up to radius 1000mm. This display has amazing features.

Another amazing thing is the display has an ultra-slim film exciter. It is very important to display vibrates. This display looks better for the thickness. 48 inches bendable cinematic display will give you a response time of 0.1 Milliseconds. And the refresh rate of 120 Hz per second.

The display has a blue light feature. it will help you to protect your eyes. LG display specially optimized for gaming. Because this display has advanced technology. it will provide an immersive experience. On the other hand, it will offer you to play the best gaming facilities. The information is shared by Executive Vice President Chang-ho Oh.