Lisa Rinna Mom Death

Lisa Rinna Mom Death – How did she die?

Lisa Rinna’s Mom Lois Dead at 93 After Suffering Stroke: ‘Heaven Has a New Angel’.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared with fans last week that her mother was “transitioning” after having a stroke.

Lisa Rinna’s mother Lois has died. She was 93.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin announced the news Monday on Instagram, less than a week after Rinna shared with fans that her mother was “transitioning” after having a stroke.

“My guardian angel for the rest of time… I love you so much my Lolo,” wrote Amelia, 20. “You were and will always be much more than a grandma to me… you were my best friend. My strength. My rock. My everything.”

Lisa Rinna Mom Death

“Your laughter never failed to light up any room you ever walked in,” she continued. “Anyone who got the pleasure to meet you was so blessed… there will never be anyone like you. Thank you for being the strength our family needed.

Thank you for teaching us what it means to be a strong woman… and just like that… you’re back with Frank… I know they’re having a party for you… and you are dancing your way through heaven… ‘I did it my way.’ ‘Me too.’ 5:05 am…”

Rinna, 58, commented, “Heaven has a new angel.”

On Sunday, Rinna posted an old video of her mother having a rum and Coke at a restaurant. “Let’s all raise a glass to Lois,” she captioned the post.

“Cheers nana… my best friend… my hero… my strength,” Amelia commented. “We will be having plum wine & rum and coke till the rest of time for you…”

Last week, Rinna shared some “very sad” news about Lois’ health on Instagram alongside by a throwback video of Lois dancing to a “Despacito” remix.

“I know how much you appreciate and LOVE Lois so I need to tell you that she has had a stroke,” the Bravo star told her followers. “I am with her now, so let’s celebrate her and send her so much love while she transitions. I was so conflicted to share this very very sad news with you, but I know you would want to know.”

Lois had previously suffered a stroke that resulted in “months of rehabilitation.”

“My mom had a devastating stroke 6 years ago and had to learn how to walk and talk again months of rehabilitation,” Rinna tweeted in 2019. “She is one of the lucky ones. She is not the same as she once was but she has overcome so much. We are blessed and so grateful.”

Lois was also a survivor of Trailside Killer David Carpenter, a serial killer and rapist who murdered at least 10 people. He attacked Lois in 1960.

“A few years before I was born, my mom was attacked by a man that she worked with,” Rinna said on RHOBH in 2019. “He picked her up at the bus stop and then all of sudden he started to drive her down this really deserted road. He tried to rape her. He tried to kill her. Luckily, a military policeman had seen them drive down this deserted road and he knew no one was supposed to be down there and he followed them down. My mom was saved that day by that military policeman.”

Lois, who was stabbed and hit with a hammer multiple times, said the incident was “really bad.”

“I knew him,” Lois recalled. “I thought that was it. He’s straddling me. He had a hammer in one hand and a knife in another.”