Louie Anderson Cause of Death

Louie Anderson Cause of Death Revealed – How did Louie Anderson die? What happened to him

A Comedy Great Is Gone! What We Know About Louie Anderson’s Cause of Death.

Louie Anderson could seemingly do it all. He started his entertainment career as an acclaimed stand-up comedian. Then he moved to acting, performing in such notable projects as Coming to America and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

He created and starred in the cartoon Life with Louie, which won an Emmy Award. He then transitioned into hosting, helming Family Feud for four years. And he was continuing to surprise late into his career.

Starring in the show Baskets as the lead character’s mother, a performance that earned him another Emmy. Unfortunately, that illustrious life was cut short, when Louie Anderson died on Jan. 21, 2024.

Here’s everything to know about what happened with Louie Anderson’s death.

Louie Anderson Cause of Death

Louie Anderson tragically died from complications caused by cancer. Just three days before his death on Jan. 18, it was announced he had been hospitalized for a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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How did Louie Anderson die?

Louie Anderson died on Friday, January 21, 2024.

Where did Louie Anderson die?

Louie Anderson died in Las Vegas, where he had been hospitalized for his cancer treatment. He had been living in Henderson, outside of Las Vegas until his death.

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Did Louie Anderson die of COVID?

No, as mentioned above his death was due to cancer. Louie had been public about his vaccination against COVID-19, humorously talking about getting the shots in an interview with Conan O’Brien.

How old was Louie Anderson when he died?

Louie Anderson was born on March 24, 1953. That makes him 68 at the time he died.

Was Louie Anderson married?

The closest Louie got to the altar was a marriage to his high school sweetheart in 1985. But that lasted only four weeks.

Did Louie Anderson have any children

No, Louie Anderson never had any children. But there was still plenty of family in his life, as the second youngest of 11 children in his family.