Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death

Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death – How did Melanie Rauscher die? Read Autopsy

Melanie Rauscher, an XL Star, appears in both of the 2015 movies Nak***ed and Afraid and Nak***ed and Afraid XL. (2013). Melanie Rauscher, a 30-year-old Avondale resident, is featured in the episode of Nak***ed and Afraid that will show on the Discovery Channel this coming Sunday at six o’clock.

According to sources, Melanie Rauscher, who portrayed a cast member on the television show Nak***ed and Afraid, passed away this evening. The specifics’ veracity has not yet been confirmed, though.

Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death

Public access to an official statement outlining the celebrity’s situation is not yet available. Melanie can have died from natural causes or as a result of bad circumstances.

It’s probable that the news of her departure has left her family and friends inconsolable right now. Numerous people have all expressed their sympathies to the celebrity’s family.

Popular American actress and television personality Melanie Rauscher is dead at the age of 30.

How did Melanie Rauscher die

Melanie Rauscher was well known for her roles in many movies and television shows she played. Her death comes as a surprise to many.

Tributes are pouring in for the late young but promising actress while more information regarding her death remains unknown.

The news of Melanie’s passing has lately been shared on social media. Despite the lack of any new information regarding her passing or the reason for it, it is assumed that she has died.

Melanie Rauscher Death Reason

Melanie Rauscher Death Autopsy Report

The information originally appeared on Twitter. It’s unclear whether the Tweet is real or a scam. Nevertheless, many claim that she has passed away.

In due order, her family might be able to give an official cause of death and obituary. She has not yet been formally declared dead by any member of her family.

“Naked and Afraid” contestant Melanie Rauscher has died under mysterious circumstances in Arizona — her body was recently found near cans of dust cleaner, TMZ has learned.

Melanie Rauscher Cause of Death

Melanie, who appeared on 2 seasons of the popular Discovery Channel show, was dog sitting at a residence in Prescott, AZ while the homeowners were away on vacation, according to Corey Kasun, a rep for the Prescott Police Department.

The homeowners returned on the afternoon of July 17 and found Melanie deceased on the bed in the guest room, Kasun said.

We’re told several cans of compressed air — which can be used to clean dust off computers — were found near her body. It’s unclear if Melanie consumed the contents of the cans.

Cops say there were no obvious signs of foul play, and they did not find a suicide note or drug paraphernalia. The dog was okay.