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Aqib Talib Brother Killed Mike Hickmon Video Footage & Pictures

I want to use this as an example of “choices”. Everybody has a choice.

First, RIP to Coach Mike Hickmon. (My cousin knew him personally so I’m not tagging this man, for that and other reasons out of respect)

Mike was allegedly shot and killed in Lancaster (outside of Dallas) yesterday during a youth football match that he coached.
Yes, you read that right (and see the video clip).

He was killed at a youth football scrimmage while allegedly breaking up an altercation with adults.

A popular blog on Instagram posted the video and people in the comments accused Former Super Bowl Champion & Denver Broncos NFL player Aqib Talib and his brother Yaqub Talib of involvement in the murder.

Mike Hickmon Death Video Footage

Alleging that the brother, Yaqub is the person who pulled the trigger, and murdered this man in front of his family, friends, and 9-year-olds on the field.

Mike Hickmon Death Video Footage

I want to talk about “Choices.”

Everybody has a choice, right? So, a quick Google search gives you info on former player Aqib Talib’s life, (now private) Instagram, and his alleged net worth ($20 million).

With that, his brother allegedly is no stranger to having to answer to the law and court system.

Aqib Talib Brother Killed Mike Hickmon

Some of you will make the choice to continue to surround yourself with trash even after you pulled yourselves out of the gutter.
Friend or not, and family dna or not, sometimes you have to make the choice to leave people where they are.

I’m not risking a 20+ year career I worked for, $200,000 and let alone $20+ million just to claim to be down or real with my kinfolk.

Anyone that will open fire at a kids event with innocent people and children at bay ain’t my skinfolk or kinfolk anyway. You have to make the choice to do better when you know better. Some of you will risk your freedom and life, just to be ride or die with people that couldn’t afford to give you money for a collect call.

Mike Hickmon Death Picture

Make the choice to choose yourself and what you worked for. When you work on yourself and fix your own crown, it should be royalty over loyalty any day.

Now anytime someone looks his name up, this will be attached to his former accolades.
Guilty by association is a real thing.

Don’t let people that have nothing to show for their lives, sabotage yours. They will do it Don’t set a detonator to your destiny because of your DNA!

CLICK HERE FOR Mike Hickmon Death Autopsy

Make the choice to love people from a distance!

Now, his brother, Yaqub Talib, the alleged trigger man DEFINITELY had a choice.

He had a choice:
1. Get counseling – that’s clearly needed prior to this (anyone pulling guns around kids are crazy)
2. Get off the field and go home and be angry in peace because nothing in this world would warrant pulling a gun at 9-year-old functions.
3. He could have thrown hands.


If you were that angry, why didn’t you fight? Not that I condone violence, but tell me you scared of a butt whooping without telling me.

People these days need to spend less time doing stuff, and more time getting therapy.

Y’all will shoot, kill, run over, and degrade anybody in your paths because YOU aren’t mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially well.

You have a choice to fix what’s broken in you.

Black men, going forward, I want y’all to make the choice of the podcast topics you pick going forward. Speaking on womens wigs, weight, your preferences outside of Black women, etc should not be your focus.

Choose to use that equipment to provide therapy, healing, and conflict resolution to other Black men, and boys so that the penitentiaries and gang initiations aren’t full, and the employment and college/trade school registrars lines are. Make the choice of that being your next podcast topic.

The only person left without a choice is Mike Hickmon, Sr. Condolences to his wife, children, family, friends, the kids he coached and mentored, and all the lives he touched.

I’m disgusted, and I hope these adults and kids are not plagued with the trauma of seeing that man murdered like that.