Watch video of missing Grandma being removed from pythons stomach

Recently, we got a viral video. Watch a video of the missing Grandma being removed from the pythons stomach. We also include latest details about the missing grandma.

Missing Indonesian grandmother eaten alive by 22-foot python. A search party located the python and found the missing woman inside after dissecting the reptile.

A 54-year-old Indonesian grandmother who went missing last Friday while collecting rubber on a plantation near her home in Jambi was eventually found in the stomach of a 22-foot python after a two-day search.

missing indonesian grandmother

Family members of the woman, identified as Jahrah, called emergency services on Friday evening and started searching through nearby wooded areas, according to ViralPress.

On Sunday morning, a search party found the reticulated python with a large bulge in its stomach.

“Residents killed the snake and dissected its stomach contents. Everyone was astonished. It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach,” Anto, the head of the local village where the woman lived, told ViralPress.

Full CCTV Video Footage

Wild footage shows a volunteer carefully pinning the snake’s head downward with a branch as others began beating it above the widened region.

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The distressing video then showed villagers meticulously tearing it open, revealing what authorities believe to be the chewed body of the missing grandma.

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