MMA Star Shalie Lipp Car Crash Video Footage Leaked

Up-and-coming MMA star Shalie Lipp, 21, dies in car crash. Lipp was slated to fight on May 20.

Shalie Lipp, who some suggested would be the next female star in UFC, died in a car crash Sunday in Minnesota. She was 21.

Lipp was one of two passengers in a Chevy Malibu when it hit a Jeep Cherokee on the Red River Bridge on I-94 in Moorhead, according to Valley News Live.

The fighter was the only person of the five people in the crash to not wear a seatbelt. She was also the only fatality. Both vehicles were traveling eastbound on the highway when the Malibu made contact with the Jeep.

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Lipp was scheduled to fight at No Mercy XI at Kent Freeman Arena at the Holiday Inn in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, on May 20.

No one in the Cherokee was injured.

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The interstate was temporarily closed on Sunday as officials cleared the scene. The crash is still under investigation.

Lipp had recently returned from a month-long training session in Thailand, per the New York Post.

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“She had an amazing work ethic she had only been back a few days from a month of training in Thailand,” MMA promoter Jeremy Bjornberg said. “At 19 years old, she started fighting the top fighters in the Midwest. … She was someone everyone knew was going to go somewhere and end up in the UFC.”

Lipp was 3-2 in her amateur MMA career.

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