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New 9 things we want to see in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Game

Here the list, Which should be added to the legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Nintendo Switch. Recently, Everyone finds 9 things, which should be added to the Zelda game. But Nintendo stays silent about this matter. And they silent since the trailer in 2019. We get some information about this game. The game rename with Breath Of The Wild 2.

Here we mention all information about 9 new things. If these things add to the Zelda game. Then it will be better for all Nintendo games. Zelda’s 35th anniversary comes to the near door. And we get some rumors about new things to add to their game. So, we try to find 9 new things. Here we mention all the latest news about this game.

01. Playable or Partner Zelda

Nintendo has always ready to provide the best service from every side. That’s why they ready to add some new things.

02. Bring Back Traditional Items

There are so many new traditional things such as Gale Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchus. All items should be added to this new version.

03. Nero’s Arm Mechanics (From Devil May Cry)

Zelda Nero’s character arm mechanism should add to this new update. It will help a player for better performance.

04. Bring Back Traditional Dungeons

In this new update, they should bring back traditional dungeons. It will help everyone to enjoy the Zelda game so much.

05. More Emphasis On Story

From the before version. this time they should use more emphasis on this Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Game. So, wait for the right time.