Nokia X90s: Price, Full Specification, Design, Features, and official Release Date

Nokia X90s Official Price, Full Specification, Design, Features, and Official Release Date, News. Here is good news for all Nokia smartphone lovers. Nokia multinational company will release a new Nokia X90s smartphone.

The phone will release very soon. This time they will be coming with a special one. The Nokia X90s smartphone comes with a lot of updated configurations. We know that the Nokia brand is always coming with something new design.

It will take you to the new edge of the Nokia. So, keep on eyes on this new Nokia X90s smartphone. To know more about this phone, then read this post carefully.

Nokia X90s Official Release Date;

Nokia smartphone didn’t announce any official releasing date anywhere. But, we can help you by giving the expected date. They will release the Nokia X90s phone in late 2021. So, if you want to buy this phone, then save this post on your phone bookmark. Later, always check this link, whenever we get a new update about the official release date. We will update it as soon as possible.

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Nokia X90s Full Specification & Features

Nokia X90s

This phone’s every feature is amazing, if you see it once, then you will love it. First of all, if we talk about the display, the display size is 6.6 inches with super AMOLED 4K resolution. This feature will satisfy you very well.

The Nokia X90s phone will give you the Corning Gorilla Display, which protects your display from any defect with both sides. And also, it will protect your display from the light drop.

Secondly, if you see the battery feature, you will become more surprising. This phone has a wireless charging advantage, which will make your phone more attractive. Nokia X90s phone will provide a 6500 mAh battery with a 35W fast-charging system.

If you charge it once, then you can use it for 3 days. And also, you can able to use it for a long time by using games, internet browsing, video calling, and watching videos &, etc. You can charge your phone within a short time.

Nokia X90s Camera Features

If we talk about the camera feature, it is more wonderful to describe. The Nokia X90s phone has a quad sensor set up on the rear. This phone provides a 48MP primary sensor camera. And also, there is a 16 MP secondary shooter camera and an 8MP camera with the macro lens. Another 8MP with depth sensor camera. Everyone looking for the best selfie camera, there is good news for you. Cause, Nokia X90s has 13MP front cameras. It helps you to capture the best selfie.

Nokia X90s RAM & ROM Information

Nowadays, every brand provides various storage capacities. This phone also has three types of storage of RAM 8GB/10GB/12GB. And also, this phone will give 256GB/512 GB internal storage, that’s why you don’t need external storage. But, if you want to use it, then you can set it up to 1TB external storage. This phone processor model name is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipset, which will make your phone more powerful.

Who wants to buy the Nokia smartphone, they find the latest operating version. This phone also provides the Android 10.0 operating version. Android 10.0 operating system will faster your every work. And every smartphone mentions some common features, this phone also has it. The FM-Radio, Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, and many more.

Every brand tries to update its latest security system. At the present time, the security system is more important for everyone. This phone has a fingerprint lock and face lock system. You can easily lock your phone by scan your finger. And also, you can lock your phone by scan your face. One good thing is you only can unlock your phone by scan finger or face.

Nokia X90s Official Price 2021;

As far as we know, there is not any official price for this phone. But, we can help you by giving you the expected price of this phone. Nokia X90s price is almost $750~ Rs. 56,890. So, get ready for buying this phone.

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