Ophelia Nichols Son Randon Lee Death Video Footage – Read Shot & Dead Update News

The family of Randon Lee confirms he was shot and killed in Prichard Friday night. Lee is the son of popular TikTok user @shoelover99, who is known as Mama Tot. Her real name is Ophelia Nichols.

Local social media star says her son was shot and killed Friday night. Police are trying to piece together what led to a shooting that claimed the life of the son of a local social media star.

Ophelia Nichols, who runs the popular TikTok account ‘shoelover99,’ said her son, Randon Lee, was murdered the day before his 19th birthday.

On a Facebook post, Nichols wrote, “My son was taken from us last night by the hands of another individual at just 18 years old. He would be 19 today but Someone else made the decision to end my sons life. They are walking around in my town, living and breathing while my son is not. While me and my family are grieving a loss that no mother should ever have to feel, they are free.”

The only murder in the Mobile area on Friday was reported at a gas station on St. Stephens Road at I-65 in Prichard shortly before 8 p.m. Investigators have not released the name of the victim, but they said that it was an 18-year-old male who was killed the night before his birthday.

Ophelia Nichols Son Randon Lee Death Video Footage


Randon Lee Death Video Footage Link

Ophelia Nichols Son Shot & Dead News

Ophelia Nichols Son death Suspect

Ophelia Nichols Son Death Autopsy

No arrests have been made in the case. The motive behind the shooting remains unclear but Nichols told FOX10 that investigators said they are following leads.

Mamatot’s youngest son, Randon, was k^lled yesterday. She lost her son and her family lost a brother. Today, he would have turned 19. You all know how much this woman has helped millions of people and now she needs our help. Please share or donate this gofundme and mealtrain to help her and her family get through this tough time.

Randon Nichols was killed around 7:45 pm Friday night on Saint Stephens Road. At the time there are no more information was published. Police said, this is under-investigated and we have to wait few time for more news about Randon Nichols being shot dead.

Ophelia Nichols’s family is now mentally broken. They give a heartbroken message on TikTok. We should send them condoles. And also have to respect their secrets. There are no official videos published about Randon Nichols’s shot. So do not search more about his death video. If there is any video available, we will update that in our post. Stay with us for the more information.

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