PlayStation 5 will not be available for pre-orders in India for the second half of February 2 pre-sale

Recently, Sony share news for Indian game lovers. PlayStation 5 will not be available for pre-orders in India for the second half of February. Sony suggests to everyone before buying the first round of pre-orders. They will not start the second pre-order in India. This anticipated game console pre-order starts on January 12. After the release of the PlayStation 5, it becomes sold out within few minutes.

And people find it on all channels. But PlayStation 5 was fully stock out from every channel. This news is making many players disappointing. Cause they can’t get PlayStation 5. All the people were waiting for to release of PlayStation 5. But when they release it. Many people can’t buy it.

After close the pre-order window, they release the other news for India. Sony will start its second tock before the release. The Sony company shares a statement. Where they talk about always remember the current situation. And Sony always thinks about their customer’s health and safety first.

If you want to order for a pre-order of PS5. Always keep in touch near your PS5 retailer’s shop. On the other hand, Sony PS5 will not be available until its official debut in the country. And this news is confirmed by the Sony authority. Sony is not planning to pre-order for PS5 before 2nd February.

So, keep in touch with your nearest PS5 shop for the next update. Sony move to the decision. They will not provide a second chance to get Pre-ordering the PS5 console.

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