Recover Signal message platform after transmitting infected message

Whatsapp changes its privacy policy. After that, most WhatsApp users shift to the Signal message platform. That’s why there is create some technical issue for it. But messaging app Signal said that it has resolved the technical problem. Which has to create some issues for the past few days. And they confirm it this problem was created for the rush of new users.

Last Friday, some of the reporter messages failing to send on both devices mobile & laptop. It was running for a few hours. After Whatsapp’s new decision publishes, all the users like to use the Singal app for communication. They solve the problem. And they urged to people continue their service.

Signal app authority said app users might see some errors in some of their chat times. But it will never affect their account security. They said Signal is Back. Signal try their best to make their platform strong. And people will not face the error.

Another statement of Signal said Thanks to the million Signal users around the world for your patience. Signal & Telegram, another free to use encrypted platform get huge benefits. After publishing the Whatsapp new privacy update. Whatsapp said around 2 billion users need to accept the privacy rules. Otherwise, they can’t able to use Whatsapp anymore.

Most people disagree with Whatsapp privacy. As an app user, you will never accept the rules to share your personal information with the app authority. Whatsapp said their earlier blog about the new privacy update. We get some analytics result about the Signal app. It was downloaded 246,000 times around the world within a week. In India, the Signal app was download 2.7 million within a week.

On Wednesday, the Telegram shares their achievement with the public. They got 5000 million active app users around the world. And day by day the download digit increases hugely. Most people delete their Whatsapp account for the new privacy issue.

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