teen selfie death

DEADLY SELFIE: The horrifying moment was captured on surveillance vide

Teen plummets to her death trying to retrieve her cellphone. Surveillance video captured the horrifying moment the young girl hit the pavement.

A 15-year-old girl fell to her death earlier this month in Turkey after dropping her cellphone and trying to retrieve it, according to local reports.

On Oct. 12, Melike Gün Kanavuzlar was on the fourth floor of a building in Ortaca, a city in southwestern Turkey about 115 miles from the scenic resort town of Bodrum, when she tried to recover the device.

teen selfie death

She lost her footing and plummeted four stories to the pavement below, Cumhiryet reported.

The local newspaper said the young girl had been taking a selfie before she slipped.

Disturbing surveillance footage captured the moment her body hit the ground with a thud, narrowly missing a pedestrian who had just bent down to pick up something from the sidewalk.

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The distraught pedestrian can be seen in the 11-second clip covering her ears and fleeing in the opposite direction as a small dog follows behind her.

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Kanavuzlar was rushed to a local hospital, where she clung to life in the intensive care unit for 18 days before succumbing to her injuries.

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