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Watch Video: sha’carri richardson tense confrontation with a fligh attendant caught on camera

Sha’carri Richardson booted from American Airlines flight after argument with flight attendant. Richardson rose to prominence after she was denied the opportunity to compete in the Olympics.

Track and field star Sha’Carri Richardson was kicked off a flight after a verbal confrontation with an American Airlines flight attendant Saturday.

Richardson posted a series of videos related to the incident to her Instagram account.

In the posts, the 23-year-old claimed the flight attendant disrespected her while she was on a phone call prior to takeoff.

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sha'carri richardson

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One of the videos posted to Richardson’s Instagram story showed her sitting in her seat aboard the plane.

“Prior to the video this gentleman asked me to get off a cell phone call, I did,” Richardson wrote in a caption after briefly turning her phone and to show a flight attendant.

“I stated to him I didn’t like the tone he used with me. Following that while standing in front of me doing the safety protocols he continued to lean over to look at my phone. He asked to see that my phones were in airplane more at this point. He demanded that me show him. Which I did in front of him.”

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Richardson did not specify where she was traveling to, but she did mention that it was “vacation time.” The flight attendant is heard in the video demanding that Richardson stop recording.

She responded by saying, “You’re harassing me at this point, I think you should stop. I think you should stop.”

The flight attendant’s initial comments toward Richardson were not seen in the social media videos.

Several passengers were heard making various comments about the situation, with one person seeming to tell Richardson to end the argument with the airline employee.