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Video Shows: Singer Mikaben dead at 41 After collapsing during a show in Paris

Haitian singer Mikaben dead at 41 after collapsing during a show in Paris. Haiti Prime Minister took to social media to confirm the musician’s death. Many people search to watch Singer Mikaben collapsing video. In this article, we share the total detail & video footage.

Michael Benjamin, a Haitian singer known by “Mikaben,” has died after collapsing during a performance in Paris over the weekend. The musician was 41.

Mikaben was performing with his band CaRiMi when he walked to the back of the stage following his performance.

Mikaben Stage Collapse Video

Haiti’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, took to Twitter on Saturday to confirm Mikaben’s passing.

“I am devastated by the news of the sudden death of the young and very talented artist Michael Benjamin ‘Mikaben’. It is a great reference of Haitian music which has just passed away,” he wrote.

The venue where Mikaben was performing, Accor Arena, also took to Twitter on Sunday to confirm the tragic news.

“Last night during the Carimi concert, one of the singers, Michael Benjamin, Mikaben of his artist name died following a malaise on stage and despite the intervention of the emergency services,” the account shared in French.

Haitian singer and musician Mikaben has died following a medical incident on stage in Paris over the weekend, according to a statement from the venue for the performance. He was 41.

Full Video Footage

Haitian singer Mikaben has died after he collapsed on stage while performing in Paris this weekend. He was 41.

The musician, whose real name is Michael Benjamin, was performing with the Haitian konpa group CaRiMi at the Accor Arena on Saturday night when he fell ill on stage, the venue said in a statement shared on Twitter.

Though emergency medical service was provided, Benjamin died after collapsing in front of the audience. Video shared to social media shows the music stop abruptly after Benjamin turns mid-performance and attempts to make his way off stage, then falls.

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