Stephen Wilhite Net Worth, Wife, Family & Biography

Steve Wilhite has recently bought a Bugatti Divo for $3 Million USD. Steve Wilhite also owns a Rolls-Royce Cullinan that cost him $1 Million USD. A Few other cars owned by Steve Wilhite are listed below. You should see Rothschild Family Net Worth.

Steve Wilhite lives in his 11,2000 square-foot luxury house located in Ohio, United States. Steve Wilhite has bought this house for an estimated price of $20 Million dollars. This house is fitted with luxury amenities like 8 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, Tennis Court, Wine Cellar and many more features. Checkout Kanye West Net Worth.

Steve Wilhite has invested a part of his wealth into stock markets, earning a consistent fixed income each year. Steve Wilhite owns stocks of over 12 companies on the New York Stock Exchange. The list of stocks in Steve Wilhite’s portfolio are:

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Exclusive Facts about Steve Wilhite

Zodiac Sign Pisces
Favorite Actor Jack Nicholson
Favorite Chocolate Hershey’s Nuggets
Favorite Dish Apple Pie
Favorite Colour Black
Favorite Book The Family Across the Street
Pet name Willy
Favorite Sport Soccer
Favorite Music Artist Bob Dylan
Favorite Gadget Apple Watch SE
Favorite Holiday Destination Sweden

Stephen Wilhite Net Worth

Net Worth $93 Million
Assets $66 Million
Investments $10 Million
Private Jets 1
Patent Royalty Income $3 Million
Annual Income $15 Million

Steve Wilhite Biography

Steve Wilhite’s team at CompuServe developed the GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) in 1987. Steve Wilhite remained a CompuServe/AOL employee into the first decade of the 21st century, working on a variety of CompuServe systems.

Before working with CompuServe Information Manager, Steve Wilhite ran a team that created compilers and run-time systems for use on the DECsystem-10 computers.

Steve Wilhite died of COVID-19 at a hospital near his home in Milford, Ohio at the age of 74 years.

Who is Stephen Wilhite’s wife Kathaleen Wilhite?

Kathaleen, wife of the father of GIF, Steve Wilhite has kept her life private as information including her place of birth, date of birth, date of marriage, number of children is unknown.

Did they have children together?

Steve has a son but it’s not clear whether he is mothered by Kathaleen since information about his private life is unavailable.

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