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Steve Bronski Cause of Death – How did he die? What Happened to Him

Bronski Beat star Steve Bronski died tragically at the age of 61. Announced by his former bandmate Jimmy Somerville.

Why did musicians enjoy the hits with Smalltown Boy? With a 1980s synth pop group.

Jimmy Somerville (Steve’s right center) paid a complimentCredit: Getty
He formed a band with Somerville and Larry Steinbachek in 1983.

Summerville, who left the group to form the Communards, paid tribute to his ex-bandmate today.

He states: “I’m sad to hear that Steve Bronski has died. He was a talented and very melodious man.

“It was a fun and exciting time to work with him on songs and one song that changed our lives and influenced many other lives.

“Thank you for Melody Steve.”

Steve Bronski Cause of Death

Steve’s death is the second death that hit Bronski Beat after Steinbachek died of cancer at the age of 56 in 2016.

The keyboardist was born in Glasgow’s Castlemilk real estate and was once described as “Europe’s largest public housing program.”

Steve first tried his hand as a worker before moving to London in 1983.

He lived with his bandmates in an apartment in Brixton, southwest London.

They formed the band in response to what they thought was an aggressive and conservative view of pop music at the time.

All three members campaigned on the issue of gay rights and worked on themes related to the gay community.

The inner sleeves of their debut album, The Age Of Consent, featured the age of consent of men from different countries around the world as a protest.

And their first song, Smalltown Boy, told us that gay teenagers left a prejudiced family for life in London.

They also collaborated with soft cell star Marc Almond on the hit cover of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love in 1985.

After Somerville left the group, Bronski Beat released three more albums in 1995, including Rainbow Nation.