Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2022 – Get Best Internet Offer

Get 1GB internet with Only 8 Tk and validity for 7 days. Recently, the Teletalk SIM share a fantastic internet offer. Where people can buy the offer with a low budget.

We hope you will enjoy the new internet offer very much. And it is a great opportunity to get the best internet offer for all customers. Is it not a good internet offer for you?. So, let’s discuss the offer getting process.

Teletalk Internet Offer 2022

All the SIM operators give a chance to the customer to get the best internet offer. And they share the offer sometimes and set the terms and conditions. So, this offer also has some T&C. Here, we share the complete process to get the 1GB internet with 8Tk.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Package

The Teletalk Bornomala internet package comes with many excellent offers for its users. This Teletalk Boarnomala SIM is especially distributed to all students.

All students can use the Teletalk Boarnamala SIM to take advantage of inexpensive internet offers. Here is a list of Internet offers from Boarnamala SIM. If you are a Teletalk Bornomala user then you can enjoy these given Teletalk Internet Package 2022 below:

Teletalk 1GB internet

Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
1GB 24 TK *111*611# 7 Days
1GB 46 TK *111*612# 30 Days
2GB 83 TK *111*613# 30 Days
3GB 62 Tk *111*614# 10 Days
5GB 96 TK *111*615# 15 Days
10GB 186 TK *111*616# 30 Days

Teletalk Agami Internet package

Teletalk Agami Internet package for Teletalk Agami users only. The Teletalk Agami Internet SIM packages have various best Teletalk Internet Package 2022.

Anyone using Teletalk Agami SIM can benefit from many attractive Internet offers. An incredible internet package awaits you. You can activate your desired data pack given below very easily.

Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
1GB 22 TK *111*600# 7 Days
1GB 45 TK *111*601# 30 Days
2GB 81 TK *111*602# 30 Days
3GB 55 TK *111*603# 10 Days
5GB 91 TK *111*605# 15 Days
10GB 177 TK *111*610# 30 Days

Teletalk Oporajita Internet offer

Welcome to Teletalk Oporajita Internet offer. The Operajita SIM is for women users only. All women can register this SIM card and get more internet services at a cheaper price from Teletalk. You can enjoy the great Internet by registering a new sim from the popular network.

Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
1GB 19 TK *111*19# 3 Days
1GB 8 TK *111*8# 7 Days
2GB 38 TK *111*38# 7 Days
10GB 156 TK *111*156# 15 Days

Teletalk 1GB with 8 TK

First, you have to complete some tasks to get the best internet offer. For active the 1GB internet with 8 Tk dial *111*8#. After that, they will send you a confirmation SMS, where they mention that you can able to use the internet for 7 days. So, get the offer and enjoy every moment.

Important Note

Teletalk authorities give some terms and conditions. So, to get the new internet offer, it can only be available on oporajita SIM customers. Otherwise, you can’t get the offer. And for the first time buy the Oporajita SIM, you can buy the 1GB internet with 8 Tk within 3 months ( multiple times).

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